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A Porch Potty For All Sizes Of Furry Friends

From 5 to 120 lbs, sprawling patios to minimalist balconies, there’s a porch potty that will fit you and your dog’s needs.

Porch Potty Premium

Luxury meets convenience with our top of the line Porch Potty Premium.

Porch Potty Standard

Ideal for high rise balconies or areas that don’t have a nearby water source.

Porch Potty Small

The perfect fit for tight quarters or when added portability is needed.

A couple of days ago I received the Porch Potty and I am so excited to tell you that dogs used it instantly. I was shocked to notice that within 30 seconds my oldest dog who is blind and cannot smell walked right up to it and used it. A moment later my second dog used it. I cannot tell you how happy I am with your product. I just moved into a condo and wanted something for the dogs to use on the patio. Presto! Porch Potty to the rescue. Thank you so much.

-Tammy Ashmore & Dogs: Mayzie and Dominoe

I purchased a Porch Potty shortly after bringing home my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Charlotte. We found your product to be wonderful, especially when Charlotte was diagnosed with luxated patellas in both rear knees. She had to undergo two separate surgeries and be in leg casts for weeks. Since she was already trained on the potty, it made it so easy for her to go in and out quickly without having to deal with stairs.

-Amy Sinicin & Dog: Charlotte

Porch Potty Accessories

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Porch Potty Replacement Parts

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Keep fresh and organic real grass delivered monthly

Give yourself one less thing to worry about with our monthly sod subscription.

Fresh Training Sod

Large - $59.00 | Small - $49.00

Enjoy all the benefits of having a lawn right on your porch or balcony! The scent of real grass naturally attracts dogs, cutting down on time spent potty training.

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