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Pee Pee Panel

Made with high-quality PVC-grade and waterproof durable thermoplastic material, your dog can make it rain without making a puddle on the floor.

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Your helpful Pee Pee Panel

What material is it made of?

High-quality PVC-grade and waterproof durable thermoplastic material.

How does it prevent messes on the floor?

The Pee Pee Panel acts as a shield to protect furniture from pee splashes if your dog lifts its leg and the pee goes over the Porch Potty. The Pee Pee Panel is also beneficial for outdoor balconies to prevent pee from going through the gated balcony area. Or, the panel can be added if your dog needs more privacy while doing their business.

What material is it made of?

Inches: 50" wide, 24" tall, and 1.25" thick

Centimeters: 127 wide, 60.96 tall, and 3.175 thick

How does it work with my existing Porch Potty with different sized dogs?

The Pee Pee Panel fits into the existing structure of the Porch Potty Standard and Premium models for all dogs toy to large. Simply loosely unscrew the bolts in the back of the platform.

How should it be placed?

The Pee Pee Panel should preferably be placed against a wall or gate to avoid accidental tipping. Although this isn’t likely to happen under most circumstances, supervise your dog during its first use to ensure their weight doesn’t shift the Porch Potty or Pee Pee Panel.

What does the shipping box look like?

We ship the Pee Pee Panel in a recyclable Kraft shipping box with the text “Porch Potty” and our mascot, Spot, greeting you at your doorstep

$79.95 USD


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