Training Sod

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Sod Designed for Porch Potty:
The Training Sod is a special lightweight sod that is grown without soil to make it half the weight of traditional sod and none of the mess. It provides the perfect mat of grass to drain quickly and stay fresh for months. Our Training Sod is grown in the sunny weather of Southern California, and delivered fresh to your doorstep guaranteed.

Grass is the key to training.
The included Synthetic Grass is great for years of use. But nothing works better for training your dog, than the smell of REAL GRASS. Use the Training Sod for the first 3-4 weeks while you train your puppy to use the Porch Potty, then switch to Synthetic Grass for years of care free grass. The Training Sod is easily placed in the Porch Potty in seconds. It eliminates the dirt and mess of typical sod and has the scent of real grass dogs are familiar with. You can expect the Training Sod to last 1-4 months of constant use before "urine burn" start to show spotting.

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Size: 2'x4' (Large Porch Potty size)
Size: 2'x2' (Small Porch Potty size)

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