The Story Of Porch Potty

After months of waking up multiple times a night to take his new puppy out of the building and down three flights of stairs, a sleep deprived Brandon Kennington asked himself, “Why can’t I put a patch of grass on my balcony?”

Fifty-three prototypes later, with the help of his faithful canine assistant, Brandon invented the first automated grass litter box for dogs. Brandon’s design made it easy for anyone with a dog to have a close and convenient place for their dog to potty, improving the quality of life of dogs and humans around the world. As popularity spread, stories came flooding in of how Porch Potty has helped thousands of households with frosted faces, mobility limiting injuries (both human and canine), and cramped quarters born out of necessity.

This spurred Brandon on to continue improving his designs and invent more products that would give us more time and energy to enjoy our furry family members.

Our Facility And Staff

Porch Potty is manufactured in Simi Valley, California, just north of Los Angeles. Each Porch Potty is made with care from recycled materials to be eco-friendly.

The Porch Potty staff has made it our number one priority to help you make the right decision for you and your dog. We understand that despite the unending love you have for your dog, there are also frustrations that emerge in caring for them. We want to reduce those frustrations as much as possible. We are all dog owners here and are right there with you on this journey.

Please feel free to contact us any time to ask questions or just chat about your dog’s new potty habits. We love our job of helping make the lives of you and your dog easier. Some people call them pets. Here, we call them family.

Corporate Info: Porch Potty is operating under California Corporation, Bluekube Brands. Owned and operated in Southern California, USA since 2001.

Mailing Address: 30941 Agoura Rd Suite 302
Westlake Village CA 91361