12 Ways to Spend Your Porch Potty Gift Card

You've been gifted a Porch Potty gift card but need help deciding what to spend it on? Whether you’re a new customer getting started with our products or a regular Porch Potty shopper, you have a wide range of products to spend that new gift card on! 

As a bonus, Porch Potty has new products available! Keep reading for our complete guide on what to get your pup with our gift cards ranging from $25-$250!

What You Can Purchase with Your $25 Gift Card

1. Scenting Fire Hydrant - $15.99, Flex Tubing Replacement - $12, or Indoor Catch Basin - $19

Need a replacement scenting fire hydrant for your Porch Potty? This mini fire hydrant acts as a scenting agent to help your dog smell their scent while on the Porch Potty, which naturally triggers them to “go.”

For a quick tip to properly scent the hydrant, wet a paper towel with your dog’s urine and wipe it on the hydrant. Let your dog sniff the hydrant for as long as needed to get comfortable on the Porch Potty. For a $25 gift card, you can get a brand-new fire hydrant ready for canine scenting!

Another $25 gift card option is the Flex Tubing Replacement, priced at $12.00. This 14-foot ultra-flexible drainage tube can be a great alternative to the Indoor Catch Basin, especially if you have a drainage spot like a yard.

However, if you don't have a convenient drainage spot nearby, you can purchase the Indoor Catch Basin for $19.00. This potty collection basin goes underneath the Porch Potty. It's perfect for apartment living, where you're likely on a higher floor with no backyard available. 

What You Can Purchase with Your $50 Gift Card

2. Dog Supplements - $45-52

This past year, Porch Potty was proud to launch a line of canine supplements specifically formulated to boost your dog’s health. Our line features four types of dog supplements, which are the 21 Complete Multi, Stress Support, Daily Probiotic, and Hip & Joint MAX.


Which supplement would be best for your dog? Check out our related blog posts about dog supplements to learn more about each supplement.

If your dog lacks nutrition from vitamins and minerals, our 21 Complete Multi fulfills any gaps in their overall health.

For stressed dogs who may also experience anxiety, find out how our Stress Support can promote a calm mind without drowsiness.

When your dog’s digestion seems irregular, get them back on track with our Daily Probiotic.

Sometimes, a dog’s arthritis and joint issues cause severe problems like hip dysplasia. Find out how to get your dog back in the game with our Hip & Joint MAX.

For bonus tips, scroll down to the bottom of each blog post to take a simple and easy quiz to further determine your dog's health needs.

3. Scenting Fire Hydrant, Indoor Catch Basin, & Flex Tubing Replacement 

Your budget expands with the $50 gift card, which means you can pick up several more goodies! It’s a good idea to keep extra Porch Potty materials on hand. You could buy the scenting fire hydrant mentioned above, the Indoor Catch Basin, and a Flex Tubing Replacement.

Having both the Indoor Catch Basin and Drainage Hose is handy in finding the easiest ways to clean up after your dog. For instance, if you live in an apartment with nowhere to drain the Porch Potty, the Indoor Catch Basin is perfect for collecting your dog’s urine to be disposed of elsewhere.

However, if you have a drainage spot, the 14-foot ultra-flexible flex tube has plenty of length to reach around a low-level balcony, patio, or porch to drain into the ground. 

4. Fresh Training Sod for Grass to Go and Porch Potty Small - $37-$49

Another option for the $50 gift card is the Fresh Training Sod, which gives your dog the smell and feel of natural grass.

Nothing feels better to your dog's paws than a patch of the backyard indoors or on your balcony!


The natural sod has live grass grown in sunny Southern California! It quickly drains when watered and is delivered to your doorstep monthly or whenever you need it.

5. Dog Ramp - $49 

Do you have a dog with limited mobility or a smaller dog that has trouble getting onto the Porch Potty? With your $50 gift card, get the Porch Potty Ramp for a safe, steady, and comfortable step up to help your pup!



With its non-slip cover, any dog can easily walk up and down to get on and off the Porch Potty by themselves whenever they need. It's a fantastic tool to give your dog with limited mobility more independence.

6. Dog Bed Canopy - $49

Does your dog enjoy lounging outside on a sunny day? Of course! But exposure to the sun's rays causes sunburn and other dangerous conditions if your dog is outdoors for too long.

So, for your $50 gift card, get your dog our Dog Bed Canopy that will give them comfort and protection for those lounging days in the sun!

What to Purchase with Your $100 Gift Card

7. Dog Bed - $99 or Porch Potty Canopy - $99

To complete the set with the Dog Canopy, check out our all-weather wicker Dog Bed with your $100 gift card.


Our beautiful dog bed is made of a woven resin material with a classic look that will entice any pup! Its gorgeous red cushion provides optimal softness and comfort for dogs of any age.

Check out the Porch Potty Canopy if you want to complete your Porch Potty Standard or Premium model.

Keep the grass surface (and your dog) safe from the sun's harsh rays and the occasional drizzle. The Canopy can even keep light snow off the grass surface if you wake up to a surprise dusting of snow.

Made of matching resin wicker material, you'll get the same weatherproof benefits from the Porch Potty!

8. Fresh Training Sod and TURFtastic - $100 or Pee Pee Panel - $79.99

If your friend purchased the $100 gift card for you, opt for the luxurious Fresh Training Sod for your dog. The Fresh Training Sod fits all of our Porch Potty models, so you can give your dog the natural feel of the backyard no matter which Porch Potty you own.


You can have our Fresh Training Sod delivered to your door monthly or whenever you need new sod. You're in total control of how often you receive a new patch of natural sod!

To double the freshness, you can also get the effective TURFtastic Odor Eliminator to keep the Porch Potty smelling fresh and clean every day! TURFtastic is an environmentally friendly enzyme cleaner that expels potty odors naturally with no added fragrance.

However, if you're already enjoying the Fresh Training Sod, check out our Pee Pee Panel to prevent urine from going overboard. Does your dog stick their leg up to pee? Their urine can completely miss the Porch Potty grass surface, depending on their aim.

Stop urine puddles on your floors and prevent dog urine stains on indoor furniture with the Pee Pee Panel. Made of high-quality, waterproof PVC-grade thermoplastic material, you’ll get the same all-weather durability as the Porch Potty.

The Pee Pee Panel matches the stylish woven wicker design on the Porch Potty, so you'll get a beautiful addition to your Porch Potty collection. Plus, the Pee Pee Panel fits perfectly into your existing Porch Potty Standard and Premium models!

9. Protective Lid - $99

Already have the live grass, but want a way to protect it and extend its longevity? You can purchase the Porch Potty Protective Lid with your $100 gift card.

This specialty-made lid for the Porch Potty Premium and Porch Potty Standard keeps the fresh training sod or synthetic grass safe from dirt, debris, dust, rain, and other weather elements. It's the top item that our customers requested!

If you keep your Porch Potty indoors, you can cover it to prevent your dog from lounging on it or keep it covered when guests visit. In addition, when young children are around, the Protective Lid prevents them from climbing on the Porch Potty. 

What You Can Purchase with Your $150 Gift Card

10. Grass to Go - $149 

Do you have a smaller dog struggling to climb onto the Porch Potty? Then, you're in luck with the Grass to Go by Porch Potty

Toy breeds like chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and pugs often have a short stature that makes reaching the Porch Potty without a ramp challenging. That's why Grass to Go features a low-profile platform that small dogs can easily reach.

Grass to Go is also an excellent choice for dogs with limited mobility, either from a medical condition or while recovering from surgery.

For your $150 gift card, check out Grass to Go for the same durable construction and stylish woven resin wicker material as seen on the Porch Potty! 

What You Can Purchase with Your $200 Gift Card

11. TURFtastic, Synthetic Grass, & Indoor Catch Basin

With our $200 gift card, you can bundle and save to get more for your dollar! You can buy a Synthetic Grass replacement, TURFtastic, and the Catch Basin.

Each of these work hand in hand, giving you the best cleaning with odor prevention. Because the Synthetic Grass needs replacement when urine spots begin to appear, this is a welcome expense to cover with a gift card.

What You Can Purchase with Your $250 Gift Card

12. Porch Potty Small 

If you’re a new customer looking for a splurge item with your $250 gift card, why not get the Porch Potty Small? This version is our most compact model, designed to fit tight spaces with easy portability, which makes it perfect for small apartment balconies!

Do you know what you'll spend your Porch Potty gift card on now? With numerous fantastic options for each price range and budget, you're sure to find the perfect Porch Potty gift for your peace of mind and your dog's comfort!

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