The Porch Potty, For Every Dog


Not only am I a huge fan of the Porch Potty for my own dog, but as a veterinarian I have found this product to be a useful tool for such a wide variety of patients.

Living in a large metropolitan area, many of my clients do not have a large outdoor grassy space. They love their dogs and they want them to be able to experience an outdoor potty experience rather than pad training which reinforces pets urinating and defecating in the home itself. I always suggest a Porch Potty for these clients and they come back raving!

I have listened to many people say, “Dr. Manson, I can’t get my new puppy outside fast enough because we live in a 10-story building”. Clients often come to me regarding solutions to walks during inclement weather.  I hear “When it’s pouring it’s difficult to take him on a walk, he just hates the rain or snow”.

My patients with arthritis, spinal cord disorders, injuries, and disabilities  have a difficult time with steps and walking outside. Without danger to themselves, they can use the porch potty with ease.

Newly whelped puppies can start to learn to use the porch potty to get used to faux grass and learn to urinate and defecate on it so when they go to their new homes, they will already understand the basics of potty training before going to a new home.

Veterinary clinics in areas with no outdoor safe space, can benefit from The Porch Potty or multiple Porch Potties which are versatile tool to have for any dog no matter their condition.

The Porch Potty provides a low entry or if needed, a no slip Porch Potty Ramp can assist a dog onto the surface safely. These accessibility features help to preclude many injuries and also provide the owners with an easy way to getPatricia Fox their pets to use the porch potty.

The Synthetic GrassTea provides a natural feeling  under their feet, which facilitates the dog’s ability to quickly learn that it is a place to urinate or defecate.

You can easily begin to train your dog to use the Porch Potty  by tempting them onto it with treats and affection to get them used to it. When you know they will need to use the potty you bring them onto it or guide them up the safety ramp using treats or much enjoyed petting. They then do their business and get a reward for that as well.

Within a few days to weeks your dog will smell its own scent and know to use the potty for all of its bathroom needs. You easily hose down into the drain, or pour water and TURFtastic Enzymatic Cleaner to keep it clean and free of odor. This product is truly a lifesaver.

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