Dog Tested, Pawrent Approved: How is Porch Potty Doing?

We all know businesses would be nothing without their customers, so we at Porch Potty value every review we receive. 

Whether this feedback is from a customer ecstatic about their purchase making their life easier, or constructive criticism that pushes us to improve the product, we evaluate every customer’s needs. We make sure that our question to all of you is: what can we do to get to know you better? 

Seriously, we want to hear everything! We regularly review your feedback so we can better ourselves and our products. We’re an innovative company, meaning we want to make adjustments to improve our products that make your life easier. So, let’s go through some Porch Potty updates! 

The Pee Pee Panel became available and has been a hit since its launch. The idea was simple: provide a wall of protection for your furniture, porch, or balcony from your dog’s urine. And it’s been flying off the shelves ever since! We greatly appreciate the love for the Pee Pee Panel, but did you know that customer feedback inspired this product? 

The Pee Pee Panel was created because of feedback from customers like you.

That’s right: many members of our Porch Potty family were creating DIY inventions behind their Porch Potty to prevent the urine from splashing off the potty platform! 

Whether your dog missed the spot or is just plain messy, we were seriously impressed with the ingenuity you came up with to solve the problem. Here at Porch Potty, we make solving problems our superpower, so we were happy to help by coming up with an official product made to fit perfectly on the Porch Potty. And now we get to watch your dogs putting the panel to the test

As for other Porch Potty products, the Porch Potty Ramp is available in all regions! So pups with short legs and dogs with mobility challenges everywhere can have a non-slip solution to climbing onto the potty platform. This sturdy ramp can withstand the weight of dogs of any size while providing a waterproof surface to prevent slipping in rainy weather. The Porch Potty and this accessory are veterinarian-approved, as well! 

Some Porch Potty dogs needed an easier "leg up" so we designed the Ramp.

If you have a toy breed, we’ll happily point you in the direction of our Grass to Go Porch Potty model! Perfectly made for our teeny pup friends, no ramp is needed for these dogs to climb onto the potty platform. With its low-profile structure, dogs with shorter legs can easily get on the platform to do their business. Or, if you have a toy dog or small breed that is recovering from surgery or mobility challenges, Grass to Go is a great solution. 

On top of the important feedback, we at Porch Potty also work to spread the message of investing in high-quality products that will outlast lower-priced alternatives. A lot of work and testing goes into our dog potty to ensure it's up to the challenge to last for years to come. Those of us on the team who have our own furbabies put the Porch Potty to the test in our homes and apartments. 

Because we all have dogs of different breeds and sizes, it's vital that we know our product firsthand. One of the best things about the Porch Potty is its longevity, which makes it stand out from the crowd of dog potty alternatives.  

A dog’s average lifespan is anywhere between 15-20 years. Luckily, that’s a lot of time to spend with our furbabies! This amount of time is also a long-term commitment to taking care of our dogs. So, why not invest in a product that will be there for your dog every step of the way? 

From puppies to older dogs, the Porch Potty has the longevity you need at a cost that will outlast puppy pads and other DIY dog potties. Plus, the Porch Potty won’t need to be replaced or thrown out at the daily and monthly rate of those other dog potty methods. On average, our customers report that their Porch Potty is still going strong after a decade of everyday use! 

It's no wonder that Porch Potty received a spot in the 2022 Dogster Editors' Choice Awards, but we always remember that it's you who got us here. Even with awards and recognition, we're still looking to advance our dog potty with every review! 

So, we want to keep hearing from you. Any idea you have, feedback to give, or photos of your furbaby using our products, throw it our way! We love connecting with you, which is why we created the official Porch Potty Facebook group with VIP exclusives.  

Directly connect with us through the Facebook group, where you'll get access to our product development process and share your input. You've got great ideas, and we want to hear them! We also welcome photos of your furbabies, your feedback, and any stories you'd love to share with us about your dog's Porch Potty journey (and your furbaby's TikToks! We love TikToks!). 


Thank you so much for sticking by us for your dog's potty needs. Please keep the feedback coming and connect with us. We can't wait to hear what you have in mind! 

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