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Porch Potty Standard: $279

Porch Potty Cover: $99

Turftastic: $31.50

$409.50 value
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Have nature calling covered with Porch Potty!

Even when snow is falling outside, your dog can have the feel of grass under their paws. With Porch Potty, no more potty breaks in the cold! Simply clean up the mess and get back to enjoying your valuable time.

Assembled my porch potty yesterday and my 6 month puppy has already peed on it 5 times! Wow. Thanks so much for a product that is foolproof, lightweight, easy setup, ingenious, and aesthetically pleasing. Everyone should own one. The fire hydrant is really cute (even though it smells like pee, haha).

5 out of 5 Stars
- Jennie Lee

We live in an apartment and LOVE the Porch Potty! I taught little Francis how to use it and he was hooked within a day! The Porch Potty is worth it’s weight in GOLD, and I’m going to send you a video tomorrow to prove it! Porch Potties are the glue that held this troubled (doggie’s) world together!

5 out of 5 Stars
- Sarah Johnson

OMG!!! I just got my Porch Potty delivered last night and my Papi-poo, Dakota LOVES it!!! She jumped right on it and peed right away:) This morning... same thing with #1 and #2... I love this thing :)

5 out of 5 Stars
- Sisanie Reategui