What’s the Best Artificial Grass for a Dog Potty?

A Golden Retriever puppy with his front paws on the artificial turf of a Porch Potty

A Golden Retriever puppy with his front paws on the artificial turf of a Porch Potty while he is staring at a roll of artificial turf

What’s the Best Artificial Grass for a Dog Potty?

Do you live in an apartment, where grabbing a leash and heading outdoors isn’t always that simple?

Do you or your pet have a medical condition that makes getting around more challenging? 

Is your dog a senior? 

Do you work long hours? 

Are you getting concerned about your dog's potty habits?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, it may be time for you to consider a fake grass patch or potty for your pet. 

Say goodbye to flea infestations, high water bills, and the chore of cutting your lawn if you do decide to go this route! Artificial grass also offers your dog an indoor alternative, which is helpful for you both when the weather gets nasty. 

Read on to find out the details about using fake grass for dogs instead of the real thing.

A German Shepherd puppy sits between a roll of artificial turf and a patch of sod

A German Shepherd puppy sits between a roll of artificial turf and a patch of sod

Artificial Turf for Dogs vs Real Sod for Potties

We’ll come right out and say it. As dog owners ourselves, we love that pet turf has proper drainage features, among other advantages. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons alongside that of real sod:

The Pros and Cons of Sod for a Dog Potty


Real sod cleans itself, as far as pee is concerned. Grassroots will absorb most of the urine and whatever it doesn’t will be filtered through the dirt. 

• It’s a natural attraction for your doggy friend. 

• The best grass for dogs is safe for your pup to use. 


• Depending on how much you have, your real pet grass for dogs may need major maintenance. It’ll need cutting and watering and to be exposed to enough sunlight to survive. 

The Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass for a Dog Potty


• Artificial dog turf never dies. You won’t have to keep replacing it if it’s gotten too much sun or you haven’t watered it.

Dog turf potty grass is cost-effective. As long as you’re diligent about cleaning it, you’re looking at an investment that will really last. 

• Whether you’re using it as dog grass for your patio or anywhere else, Fido will be able to get to it whenever he needs to.


• Your artificial grass mat is not able to absorb your dog’s pee like real grass, so you’ll need to clean it. This is the only way to ensure it doesn’t smell and that your dog keeps using it. 

A beagle puppy laying down on artificial grass

A beagle puppy laying down on dark green artificial grass

Why Grass Alternatives for Dogs May Be the Best Option

It could be fake grass on your balcony for your dogs, a patch to keep inside your apartment or house, or an installation outside you’re interested in. Whichever reason you’re looking to get grass, the artificial kind is far more resilient than your traditional lawn could ever be. It is able to withstand far more of the wear and tear dog claws, nails, and paws inflict and you’ll never have a problem filling in any holes dug by an excited animal!

Does Artificial Grass Encourage Accidents?

Not only is fake grass for dogs completely safe to use, but the idea that it encourages accidents is also totally false. While accidents can, and no doubt will happen, they will never be due to the artificial lawn you’re using. 

Artificial Grass for Dogs Features to Consider 

As is the case with most things in this life, not all artificial grass is the same. 

Both the materials and the quality of the workmanship involved in the manufacturing will determine the final product's value and quality. To achieve optimal performance and longevity, carefully consider the following points before you put any money down:

Draining and Maintenance

When your doggy goes to pee, that liquid needs to go somewhere. Drainage capability is thus an important aspect. Just don’t forget that whatever tools you use for this will need replacement every so often. You need a grass pad that has holes in its backing so that the fluid flows through it to the ground below. 

The good news is that artificial dog turf needs very little maintenance. You’ll just need to immediately remove any solids and rinse it periodically to remove any dust and lingering pee that its blades might catch. 

Fade Resistance and Aesthetics

Constant exposure to UV rays can cause the lovely green color of artificial grass to fade, and you don’t want that! The best grass for dogs is UV resistant and it won't go yellow in the sun. Nor will it get brittle or crack and break.

One of the many advantages artificial pet grass for dogs has is that it can be cut to accommodate whatever design or shape you’re looking for. This means that you can easily give your balcony, garden path, patio, recreational areas, and walkways a makeover with lush green grass that won’t fade.


The yarn, or grass part of your pet turf, is created using a combination of rubber and plastic. It will either be a single plastic or a combination of nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. You’re looking for something that combines softness with strength, so it’s pleasant to the touch but durable enough to withstand your pet’s attention.

Pile Height and Density

While the thickness of the pile, its density, and its height are largely a matter of preference, bigger dogs need thicker piles. This type of artificial turf for dogs will usually be of higher quality, longer lasting and will resemble a real lawn more closely. You’re also looking for a high face weight, because this is a measurement of durability and density. 

Two different varieties of artificial grass

Two different varieties of artificial grass side by side for comparison

What Type of Artificial Turf Does Porch Potty Use?

The grass alternatives for dogs at Porch Potty have been designed specifically for us, so it’s tailored to meet the high standards we demand for drainage, making cleaning and maintenance very straightforward. 

Removing solids and rinsing Porch Potty products is easy, with grass made from nylon strands and durable latex backing that’s waterproof. Our commitment to protecting Mother Earth means we use recycled plastics, closing the recycling loop, and our products are UV resistant.

Porch Potty has found the perfect balance of durability and perforation, so our grass pads aren’t flimsy or uncomfortable to walk on and they’ll drain fast, leaving whatever area they’re left in free of the smell of pee!

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