Put the Pee Pee Panel to the Ultimate Test!

Whether you’ve bought the Pee Pee Panel or you’re still considering it, check out how to put the latest from Porch Potty to the ultimate test! Trust us, you and your dog will love it. 

What is the Pee Pee Panel? The latest addition to the Porch Potty is the Pee Pee Panel, the perfect solution for dogs “going” over the edge of the potty platform! For leg-lifting dogs, they can leave urine leakage off the sides of the Porch Potty or even a puddle on the floor. It’s also great for shy dogs who need more privacy when nature calls. 


Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the Pee Pee Panel is a protective barrier between your dog’s aim and any furniture or wall you want to protect. You don’t have to buy new tools or equipment because the panel fits perfectly into the existing Porch Potty standard and premium model’s structure. All you need to do is unscrew the bolts in the back of the potty platform and fit the Pee Pee Panel to the structure. 

You’re sure to love the Pee Pee Panel, especially when your indoor surfaces are safe from splashes, whether from accidental aiming or dogs who get too carried away with their leg-lifting. The woven water-proof PVC vinyl covering matches the wicker Porch Potty surface with a sturdy steel frame holding it up underneath. 


Plus, any sized dog that can comfortably use the Porch Potty standard and premium models can fully utilize the Pee Pee Panel. The only safety tip we recommend is to place the panel against a wall or gate to prevent any accidental tipping. Although our team tests every one of our products ourselves with our furbabies, we still want to ensure every safety measure possible! From our testing, the Pee Pee Panel tipping is very unlikely, but we recommend that you supervise your pup to discover the best spot possible for the panel to sit.  


Standing at 50 inches wide (127 cm) and 24 inches tall (60.96 cm), the Pee Pee Panel has your indoor furniture and outdoor balcony covered. Wherever you keep your Porch Potty, the panel will protect everything behind it. With a width of 1.25 inches (3.175 cm), you’ll know that the panel will stand firm against sprays of every strength.

To assemble your Pee Pee Panel out of the box, make sure that the dark, weave side of the covering is right-side out. If it’s turned inside-out, all you need to do is flip it over the correct way. Next, you’ll see two vertical support beams, two horizontal beams, and a large spring. These pieces connect to create the necessary tension and structure that keeps the Pee Pee Panel supported. 

You’ll have to remove the Porch Potty grass and drain tray because the Pee Pee Panel will attach to one of the longer sides of the potty platform. Take the included allen wrench to loosen the screws on the side you’ll put the panel on, but don’t take the screws out. Then, slide the vertical support beams into the corners. Because of the laser-cut notches on the vertical beams, the beams slide perfectly into place with the existing screws. 


Tighten those screws up again and get ready to fit one of the horizontal beams, which requires a mallet or similar tool that will gently hammer one corner of the beam in place. Then, fit the spring into the larger end of the beam. Next, slide the other horizontal beam into the other beam and gently hammer the corner into place like you did with the other beam. 

Then, it’s time to place the grass tray onto the Porch Potty platform and fit the Pee Pee Panel cover over the support beams. Before fitting the cover on, check for the longer side of the panel. This side is longer by ½ of an inch to neatly tuck under the grass and ensures all urine splashes and sprays trickle down into the drain tray. 


Once assembled, the Pee Pee Panel is functional in protecting the area around the Porch Potty from accidental aims and misfired sprays. And, of course, it matches the wicker design of the potty platform, so it’s also beautiful from every angle. 

Whether you’ve got a leg lifter or an accidental aimer, the Pee Pee Panel is sure to please! Especially when your floors, walls, and furniture are entirely safe from extra spillage. 

So, have you put the Pee Pee Panel to the ultimate test?

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