Top 12 Questions About Porch Potty Grass Answered! 𑁋 Synthetic and Natural!

Want to know the best ways to embrace synthetic grass and natural sod for your Porch Potty? Have questions about your dog lounging on the Porch Potty? Then check out this guide of our top twelve most common questions about Porch Potty's grass options, drainage features, and more!

1. Should I start with synthetic grass or natural sod with live grass?

If you're getting started with Porch Potty, we want to welcome you to the Porch Potty family! We're glad you're here, and we look forward to your dog's potty journey with us.

When ordering your first Porch Potty, deciding whether to go with synthetic grass or natural sod with live grass is challenging. Both have their benefits and are fantastic options, but here's how to determine which Porch Potty grass option is best for you.

It depends on a few factors, mainly: 

  • How often do you want to switch the grass out?
  • How rough or gentle is your dog on the grass?
  • How do you prefer to wash and clean the grass?

What does this all mean? Let's discuss.

Synthetic works best if you want the most prolonged use out of one patch of grass. The synthetic grass can last as long as six months to one year, but you can always switch it out for a shorter or longer period of time. 


It all depends on the wear and tear of the synthetic grass. For instance, some dogs may wipe their paws on the grass or dig at it. If your dog is naturally more rough with the grass, you may have to change it earlier.

Washing the synthetic grass is super simple. All you have to do is spray it down with a garden hose or rinse it out by pouring water over the grass. 


Natural sod with live grass is best for puppy potty training. Because your pup gets the natural feel of the backyard with live grass, they get the fresh scent of the outdoors in a convenient spot indoors. These natural features help your puppy learn where they can go potty indoors.

Overall, it's a personal preference. So pick the grass you think your dog would be more comfortable with and test it out. Of course, you can always switch to natural sod or synthetic grass anytime, so the power is in your dog's paws!

2. What’s the synthetic grass made of?

Porch Potty's synthetic grass is unlike any other. Made from recycled plastic, it's durable, waterproof, and has the feel of natural grass. In addition, the durable latex backing secures the synthetic grass and prevents it from slipping in the Porch Potty grass tray. 


This isn't your average patch of synthetic grass. It's grass made better!

3. How often should the synthetic grass be switched out?

As often as you like or need!

Switching out the synthetic grass is another personal preference. That said, our regular customers typically replace their synthetic grass every six months to one year.


As mentioned above, it depends on the wear and tear that your synthetic grass goes through. For instance, some dogs' urine smells more potent than others, so you might have to replace your synthetic grass after six months. However, if there is only minor damage, the synthetic grass can last longer.

4. Can I wash the synthetic grass in the washing machine?

At Porch Potty, we hand-test our products ourselves with our furbabies. We tested the washing machine method for our synthetic grass and found that other cleaning methods produced better results and did not cause the wear and tear that machine washing did, leading to longer longevity. 

The washing machine's movement and the water's heat can affect the security of the latex backing. Handwashing is the best way to go!

But that doesn't mean you have to scrub it at all! Instead, we highly recommend spraying the synthetic grass with a garden hose or pouring water over the grass to rinse it. Some of our members have told us that they had great success taking the artificial turf to their local car powerwash for a good hose down.


Need to freshen up the grass even more? Add TURFtastic, our non-toxic enzyme cleanser that repels potty odors naturally!

5. How can I order the natural sod with live grass? 

Ordering Porch Potty's natural sod is easy!

First, check out our Products page and scroll down to the section that reads "Porch Potty Subscriptions: Save Time and Money." You'll see several products available for monthly delivery. Among those is our natural sod titled "Live Grass / Live Sod."

Next, select the size of natural sod that you'll need for your Porch Potty model. From Grass to Go to Porch Potty Premium and everything in between, you're covered with a perfectly sized piece of sod with fresh, live grass. 

Although you can make a one-time purchase of our natural sod, you'll need to replace it sooner than the synthetic grass because it is live grass. That said, the more regular rinsing you do to prevent urine burn, the longer it will last. 

We've seen the natural sod lasts anywhere from two to four weeks, but this is mostly determined by where you live. Develop your Porch Potty cleaning routine depending on your region's climate, and rinse it daily to make it last longer.

If you want a subscription to our natural sod delivered to your doorstep, follow these steps:

  1. After selecting the size of natural sod you need, click the "Subscribe and save" option below the size dropdown list. 
  2. Decide how often you want our natural sod delivered to your doorstep. 
  3. Select your delivery monthly between every few weeks or every four months.

6. What’s the difference between using synthetic grass and natural sod? 

Because our synthetic grass and natural sod have multiple benefits, it can be challenging to notice their usage differences! 

However, both grass options rinse and drain well and last long, depending on daily care. The only significant difference is that the natural sod may need more rinsing and replacing than the synthetic grass.

7. Is the synthetic grass and natural sod weatherproof?

Yes! Our synthetic grass, made of waterproof nylon strands, looks and feels like natural grass. The latex backing allows urine and water to drain through the synthetic grass, keeping it clean. So wet weather is no problem for our synthetic grass! 

Our natural sod with live grass acts as a patch of dirt and grass in the ground because that's what it is 𑁋 just made better! Grown in sunny Southern California, this lightweight natural sod can absorb and drain liquids like a real dirt and grass patch.

We recommend keeping the synthetic grass and natural sod out of the snow if you keep the Porch Potty outdoors. You can also cover the grass surface with our Porch Potty Canopy, a covering specifically designed for the Porch Potty.

If you need to block the cold winter wind, we highly recommend the Pee Pee Panel that fits onto the Porch Potty Standard and Premium models. 


Made of high-quality waterproof thermoplastic material with a matching woven wicker design, your dog can pee without the winding bothering them. Who wants pee blowing back at them, anyway?!

8. Can I use TURFtastic on the synthetic grass?

Yes! TURFtastic naturally eliminates potty odors on synthetic grass and natural sod. Years of research and development have gone into TURFtastic to make it the best non-toxic, biodegradable enzyme dog potty odor eliminator (and the first of its kind!). 

TURFtastic is fragrance-free, meaning it won't deter your dog from their scent on the Porch Potty. Plus, who needs a heavy flowery scent when our odor eliminator boosts the fresh smell of synthetic and live grass? 

To apply TURFtastic:

  1. Clean the synthetic grass or natural sod by spraying it with a garden hose or rinsing it with water.
  2. Transfer TURFtastic to a reusable spray bottle and spritz the grass moderately while the grass is still damp.
  3. Allow TURFtastic to dry for optimal freshness on your dog's Porch Potty! 

9. How do I wash and clean the natural sod?

You can clean the natural sod the same way you tend to the synthetic grass, whether you spray it down with a garden hose or rinse it with water. 


Because of the way it's grown, the natural sod doesn't crumble or make a mess like regular dirt and soil. Our natural sod will outlast any traditional patch of grass! 

10. What are the benefits of synthetic grass and natural sod?

Each grass option has benefits depending on your dog's needs. For instance, synthetic is the best choice if your dog likes synthetic grass and you find it easier to care for than live grass. However, if your dog is happier with the feel of live grass and you love having real grass, natural sod is the best choice.

Overall, it's a personal preference, so try out both grass options and see which one your dog prefers! 

11. How do I get my dog to use the Porch Potty?

Does your dog keep lounging on the Porch Potty instead of using it for potty time? Or is your dog not interested in using it at all? Don't worry! Getting your dog to use the Porch Potty properly may need some training. After all, most dogs are used to going outside on a lawn to potty, so adjusting to the Porch Potty takes time.

But once your dog gets the hang of it, you'll see the clear Porch Potty benefit, especially when you don't have to wander outside in the cold after dark. Instead, you can stay warm in bed while your dog does their potty business without you having to wake up!


The most important thing you can do to prevent your dog from lounging on the Porch Potty is to stop giving them access to it once they've gone potty. This dog potty training technique is courtesy of dog trainer and behaviorist Siddhika Bhat, who did a Q&A blog post with Porch Potty!

Our Q&A interview is a must-read if you want to get the best Porch Potty training tips (and stop your dog from using it as a sleeping spot!). 

12. Why choose Porch Potty natural sod when I can put my own patch of grass in the potty tray? Or put a grass patch in a box to make a DIY dog potty?

Our live sod is hydroponically grown without soil. That means you won't have to worry about dirt and mud being tracked through your home. Most sod bought at a home improvement outlet is often grown in dirt and may clog the drain system.

Porch Potty offers the best of both worlds by giving the perfect patch of natural sod with fresh, live grass and a durable dog potty with a self-draining system. 


As mentioned earlier, our natural sod is designed for the Porch Potty grass tray to allow proper drainage without becoming a crumbly mess. Although a grass patch from your backyard will absorb urine and water, it won't drain as evenly and effectively as Porch Potty's natural sod.

Furthermore, DIY dog potties don't have the self-draining system of the Porch Potty. So, what does this self-draining system do, and why is it essential to have within a dog potty? 


As your dog's urine seeps through the natural sod (or synthetic grass), it travels down into a centralized area of the Porch Potty. Then, the urine drains through our 14-foot ultra-flexible Flex Tube or into the Indoor Catch Basin.

If you're using the Flex Tube on your Porch Potty, the urine will drain out to your backyard or other proper drainage spots. Have you downsized to apartment living and no longer have a backyard or drainage spot? Our Indoor Catch Basin collects your dog's urine for you to dispose of later.

Every feature of the Porch Potty is intentionally made with dogs in mind to give your dog the best potty experience possible. We want to ensure that every dog has access to the natural feel of the backyard, no matter where you live! From high-rise apartments to family homes, the award-winning Porch Potty has you covered. 


Want more Porch Potty news, early product info, and discussions with other dog parents within a growing community? Join our official Porch Potty Facebook group and share your dog's potty journey with us! We love hearing your ideas and seeing photos of your adorable dogs! 

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