Porch Potty PREMIUM
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Porch Potty PREMIUM
Porch Potty PREMIUM

The Porch Potty PREMIUM is perfect for apartment living, bad weather, or just for those times when you can’t make it downstairs, Porch Potty PREMIUM provides a convenient self-cleaning grass potty spot for dogs of all ages and sizes.

With its revolutionary pop-up sprinklers and self-draining system, cleanup is done for you. Simply turn on your water source to activate the two pop-up sprinklers and watch as urine is instantly washed down the 14-foot drain hose, leaving behind no mess, no stress, and no odor.

Designed to be used outdoors on apartment balconies or patios with a nearby water source.

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*Exception: Our live sod (available only in the US) is shipped out every Monday from our Los Angeles warehouse to keep it fresh.

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  • Outer Dimensions: 26” x 50” x 7” (66cm x 127cm x 17.75cm)
  • Grass Area: 8 sq. ft (2ft x 4ft) – Synthetic grass included
  • Material: All-weather wicker resin over a steel frame
  • Drain hose length: 14 ft (4.3m) ultra-flexible
  • Items Included: Porch Potty PREMIUM with synthetic grass, scenting fire hydrant, 14-foot ultra-flexible drain hose, dog potty training booklet, user manual

How It Works

Pop-Up Sprinklers

Porch Potty PREMIUM cleans and drains itself! All you have to do is pick up solids and turn on your water source to activate the two pop-up sprinklers. Let the sprinklers run for at least one minute. This allows the water to soak up the entire surface and clean every blade of grass. You can even automate this process with our sprinkler timer (not included), which turns the pop-up sprinklers on every day for you.

Self-Draining System

Once the water soaks up the entire grass surface, the water will flow through the perforated backing in the synthetic grass and down the 14-foot drain hose. The water will then wash away to your designated runoff, whether that’s a drainpipe, rain gutter, yard, patio, or anywhere else. This innovative design is what keeps the Porch Potty clean and odor-free. It’s also what makes us the best dog potty on the market!

Real or Synthetic Grass

Goodbye soggy, smelly pee pads that destroy the planet, and hello reusable synthetic grass! The included synthetic grass is made from recycled materials and holds up in all weather. If you’re looking to upgrade to a real grass dog potty, we’ve got you covered. Our training sod (not included) is grown in the sunny weather of Southern California and is delivered fresh to your door on a weekly or monthly basis.

Scenting Fire Hydrant

Worried your puppy or dog won’t get the hang of Porch Potty? The included scenting fire hydrant speeds up potty training for both puppies and older dogs alike. Simply wipe down the included scenting fire hydrant with a paper towel coated in your dog’s urine. This will help them recognize Porch Potty as their new potty spot and trigger their natural instinct to go.

Porch Potty PREMIUM Is Great For…

potty training puppies

house training your dog

senior dogs that need assistance

dogs with arthritis or mobility issues

dogs with small bladders

dogs recovering from surgery

avoiding bad weather

avoiding late-night walks

busy dog parents

high-rise or apartment dwellers

elderly or injured dog parents

businesses or boarders wanting a dog potty area

Your Questions Answered!

Your Questions Answered!

Does Porch Potty PREMIUM really clean itself?

It does! Porch Potty PREMIUM is the first and only dog potty that cleans and drains itself. It’s all thanks to our innovative pop-up sprinklers and self-draining system. When turned on for 1 minute, the pop-up sprinklers will drench the grass in water and dilute any urine residue. The self-draining system washes all that water and urine away to your designated runoff, keeping the Porch Potty clean and odor-free. It’s as easy as that!

Will the Porch Potty smell?

With regular cleaning, your Porch Potty will stay odor-free! All it takes is rinsing with clean water a few times per week. And with Porch Potty PREMIUM, it’s easy! Just turn on your water source and the sprinklers will magically pop up and wash all urine away. You can even automate the cleaning process with our sprinkler timer (not included). Connect the timer to your water source and Porch Potty PREMIUM will clean itself every day for exactly 1 minute. This is the ultimate way to keep your Porch Potty clean and odor-free. And best of all, you don’t even need to lift a finger! Sometimes, despite how often you clean Porch Potty, protein in urine can build up, leaving behind lingering odors. In that case, give TURFtastic (not included) a try. Our natural enzymatic cleaner breaks down those tough proteins and restores Porch Potty to its original freshness.

What if my dog won’t use the Porch Potty?

If your puppy or dog doesn’t want to use the Porch Potty, wipe down the included scenting fire hydrant with their pee. This will trigger their natural instinct to go. You may also turn Porch Potty PREMIUM into a real grass dog potty by swapping the included synthetic grass for training sod (not included). Our training sod is grown in the sunny weather of Southern California and is delivered fresh to your doorstep on a weekly or monthly basis. The smell of the live grass will help trigger your dog to potty. If you need more tips and tricks for puppy potty training, Porch Potty comes with a FREE training guide. We also have tons of great expert advice over on our blog!

What makes Porch Potty different from other dog potty options?

Porch Potty PREMIUM is truly one of a kind. It has a durable yet stylish wicker design, pop-up sprinklers, and a self-draining system that makes cleanup easy. Plus, unlike puppy pee pads that you have to throw away constantly, Porch Potty can be used over and over again, making it a much more eco-friendly and long-lasting option.

How long does Porch Potty last?

Porch Potty is the only grass dog potty that’s designed to last a dog’s lifetime. It has a durable wicker design over a steel frame and high-quality synthetic grass made of waterproof nylon strands. Porch Potty holds up in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and below-freezing temperatures. Many of our customers have had their Porch Potties for 10 years and counting!

Does Porch Potty ship to my country?

Most likely yes! We ship all over the world, including the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Brazil, China, South Korea, Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Iran, Bahrain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, India, and Malta.

Is Porch Potty worth it?

Porch Potty is an investment you will have for years and years to come. Puppy pee pads and subscription grass dog potties can come out to hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year. With Porch Potty, you’ll only pay a one-time cost up front, saving you tons of money in the long run. Porch Potty is also a more sustainable choice. We all know that puppy pee pads are terrible on the planet. And although cardboard dog potties are marketed as “recyclable,” the cardboard often gets tossed in the trash at the recycling center because it’s so soiled. Our live grass is eco-friendly and even our synthetic grass is made from recycled materials. Plus, we think your dog deserves more than a cardboard box. Your dog deserves a potty that’s built to last. Porch Potty is the best choice for your dog, your wallet, and the planet.

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PREMIUM Synthetic Grass - 3 Pack

This pack includes three sets of our Premium Synthetic Grass, designed for durability and ease of maintenance. Enjoy a 5% discount when purchasing this bundle, keeping your Porch Potty fresh and ready for use.

Bundle $170.86

Retail value $179.85

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PREMIUM Synthetic Grass - 3 Pack

PREMIUM Synthetic Grass - 5 Pack

Enjoy a 10% discount with our 5-pack bundle of Premium Synthetic Grass, designed for ease of cleaning to help keep your Porch Potty always fresh and tidy for your dog.

Bundle $269.78

Retail value $299.75

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PREMIUM Synthetic Grass - 5 Pack

The Cosmic Care Bundle

Ready for liftoff? The Cosmic Care Bundle equips your furry friend with everything needed for a high-flying potty experience. Featuring the Porch Potty Premium for stellar cleanliness, our Synthetic Grass for that authentic earth-like feel, TURFtastic to neutralize odors, and the Porch Potty Ramp for easy access. It's the ultimate setup for navigating pet care as a modern pet parent.

Bundle $419.71

Retail value $441.80

Buy Now & Save $22.09
The Cosmic Care Bundle

Porch Potty Big Dog Bundle

Have a big furry friend that needs a little extra? We’ve got you covered! Our Big Dog Bundle features the Porch Potty Premium (perfect for dogs up to 120lbs), extra synthetic grass, the sprinkler timer to automate the cleaning process, and 2 TURFtastic bottles for twice the odor elimination power.

Bundle $450.06

Retail value $473.75

Buy Now & Save $23.69
Porch Potty Training Kit