What's Your Dog's Style Personality?

Making a Small Space Work for any Aesthetic!

We love a great aesthetic to inspire our inner interior designer, so why not make a beautiful space for our dogs on our outdoor patio or balcony? Check out this handy guide to find the perfect décor for your dog!

When you decide to make your small balcony a cozy haven for your dog, you can make it look professionally done for half the price. All you really need is design inspiration and creativity to make a great-looking space for your dog to enjoy. So, let's dig into these balcony design tips!

Maximize Your Space, Even on a Tiny Balcony

On average, smaller balconies tend to be 7x7 ft (49 sq ft), so you may wonder how it's possible to fully decorate your apartment balcony. But, you can certainly create a larger-looking space with the proper techniques.

Key things to consider are:

Emphasizing vertical lines
Playing with scale
Picking a color scheme

When your draw attention to the vertical lines of the walls and gate of the balcony, this draws the eye upwards and makes the space appear longer. Hanging light fixtures, small plants in pots, and other decorations will add to this heightening effect. Decorative ladders are also a great way to add height to your balcony space while offering space to drape a hanging light or small plant.

Just because you have a small balcony space doesn't mean everything you decorate with has to be tiny. You can add depth by paneling the wall or balcony gate with wood, bamboo, or fabric. For furniture, get pieces that meet in the middle: not too small and not too large for an eye-pleasing balcony space.

When you pick a coordinating color scheme, it enhances the appearance of your space and makes it look larger. For example, you can use neutral colors and add pops of bright color throughout the area with artwork or other decor.

As we'll get into later, these tips will work for any interior design trend to create your perfect aesthetic.

Add Paneling or Fabric for Privacy and Pet Safety

We have to address pet safety with our tips and tricks for creating the perfect doggy haven on your balcony. You can make the space as you'd like it and ensure that your pet is happy and safe.

Creating a comfortable space for your dog means researching what types of plants are safe for your pet, hiding any wires or cords, and meeting other needs like a food and water bowl. For potty needs, the Porch Potty small or medium model will be your best bet for the perfect fit if you have a smaller balcony space.

By paneling the balcony gate, your pup can get more privacy if they're shy about going potty. Or, if your dog gets scared due to outside noises, a privacy covering can help reduce that stress by making them feel more secure. Plus, paneling will act as a safety measure if the balcony gate's spaces aren't small enough and you're concerned about your pup's safety.

Utilize Multi-Use Furniture

Like decorating the inside of a studio apartment, decorating the outdoor balcony is similar to adopting space-saving furniture. You'll have more storage if you can find multi-use furniture, like foldable chairs and a storage ottoman. You could use the extra space to safely store your pup's toys, treats, or other supplies.

Emphasize Vertical Lines

To exaggerate the height of your small balcony space, play up the vertical lines on the balcony. Follow the physical lines of the wall and the balcony gate when decorating. For example, you could use wood paneling and place it vertically to enhance the appearance. Or, use pet-safe, non-toxic paint to paint vertical lines on the wall to create the same effect.

Decorating with the Latest Interior Design Aesthetics

Let's go over some popular design trends for inspiration and ideas, along with how to implement each design for your balcony space.

So, which aesthetic calls to you? And how do you decorate for your favorite when you have a small space?

Minimalism: If you like simplicity and minimal decoration, minimalism could be the trend for your space. To achieve this look for your balcony, go for less clutter and more open space. Instead of having a lot of decorations, mostly everything you pick out will have a specific function. So, multi-use furniture would be perfect for this aesthetic because it fully utilizes as much space as possible. Go for clean lines, monochrome colors, and no patterns to complete the look. Neutral colors are pretty popular for the minimalist aesthetic, so keep everything as clean as possible.

Maximalism: On the other hand, going maximalism has gained popularity as a response to minimalism. So, suppose you prefer a space full of colors, designs, textures, artwork, and anything else to your liking. In that case, maximalism allows you to go all out! If you're nervous about going so bold, rest assured that it's best to try maximalism in a small space before expanding to other rooms. So, start decorating your balcony with unique, one-of-a-kind furniture, bold paneling with bright colors or patterns, and use a tapestry as the entryway to your balcony. Unlike minimalism, you can have as much decor as you'd like because this aesthetic is all about being bold and over-the-top.

Boho: The boho aesthetic can be more minimalist or maximalist, depending on your personal tastes. But what makes this style unique is incorporating feelings of travel and tranquility. Think ottoman rugs, tapestries, abstract artwork, pillows with tassels, and beautifully mismatched decor. The inspiration behind boho is imagining yourself as a world traveler and bringing eclectic decor from around the world into your home. So, go for anything that would create wanderlust and have you dreaming of your next trip!

Boho-chic: Obviously, this aesthetic stems from boho, but it offers a more refined twist. Go for a matching color scheme, warm elements like macrame wall decor, fairy lights that create dreamy lighting, and dog-safe house plants. Think of a dreamy abandoned castle overgrown with plants: it has classic elements with a touch of nature. Make things cozier with oversized blankets, dog-safe incense, and large floor pillows! You can also dress up your dog's bed with a fabric canopy to shield them from the sun. Whether you go for bold colors or a neutral palette, focus on creating a warm environment that leaves you daydreaming.

Modern Loft: If you've got a creative eye, this could be the perfect aesthetic for your balcony. Think chic items with some modern industrial elements like brick, concrete, and wood. Imagine white brick with black pipes poking through your apartment or a mid-century modern design with monochromic colors or accent hues. If you browse the NYC penthouses of the rich and famous, they usually have a simplistic design with industrial elements within a tidy space. You can get paneling designed to look like brick or wood to spruce up the area for your balcony. You could even find fake pipes to attach to the balcony's walls to get those industrial elements.

Now that you have inspiration for your balcony design, you can decorate the perfect space for your dog. Feel free to switch anything up to best fit the small space if your dog doesn't like climbing over pillows or they don't like some of the other decorations you've set up. Because it's a space for your dog, let them decide what they like and don't like about the space. But with
these design tips, your balcony will get a significant upgrade regardless!


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