Is the Kibble Katcher Good for My Dog?


Does your pet make a big mess whenever they eat? Splashing water everywhere, or leaving kibble crumbs around their bowl? If so, then the Kibble Katcher is a must have!

Benefit to Pet Parents 

The Kibble Katcher is a bowl and stand set that is specifically designed with messy pets in mind. It is a raised stand that contains two bowls, one for water and one for food. Surrounding each bowl is a surface to catch any spills or crumbs. This surface is also angled so that any food and water will collect in the very convenient trough located below the bowls- making clean up a breeze! 

This design makes the Kibble Katcher perfect for: 

  • Pets that “nudge” their food with their nose- it catches all of the rogue kibbles, preventing unwanted waste and clean-up! 
  • The strong and stable structure prevents your pet from being able to “dig” at their food bowl, or tip it over. 
  • Pets that create lots of crumbs. This is very common for pets that are diets that consist of large kibbles, such as dental diets or large breed diets. Large kibble is great but it means they produce more crumbs when chewing their food! The angled surface surrounding the bowls as well as the trough of the Kibble Katcher are sure to catch all of the crumbs!
  • Dogs that play in their water bowl, or splash as they take a drink. The stability of the stand prevents them from tipping their water, and the trough catches any splashes! 
  • Pets that like to walk away with their food bowls. We all know a pet that likes to carry around their food dish or nudge it around the house- the Kibble Katcher stand helps keep your pet’s bowls stationary!  

The functionality of the Kibble Katcher already makes this product a total must but- so does the appearance. The Kibble Katcher is very aesthetically pleasing, with a minimalistic design that is sure to match any décor. 

My Personal Experience 

I got a Kibble Katcher for my own pet and put it to the test! While the Kibble Katcher is designed with messy dogs in mind, I actually tried it with my messiest pet, which happens to be my cat! I come home to spilled water every single day and the smallest kibble crumbs sprinkled all over the floor. So I had to give it a try! It has been the solution to all of my messy pet problems.

The trough catches all of her crumbs, and I simply empty it out every few days. This saves me so much time as I no longer have to drag out the vacuum every day to clean up her collection of crumbs! Additionally, the stable design of the Kibble Katcher stand prevents my cat from being able to knock her water over, so no more cleaning up puddles! This makes both her and I happy!  

I absolutely recommend getting a Kibble Katcher for your dog or cat! It will truly make your life easier as you will no longer have to spend time cleaning up after your pet after their meals. This will save you so much time and energy, which can be better spent giving your pet some extra love.

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