Make 2021's Take Your Dog to Work Day the Best YET

Take Your Dog to Work Day, first recognized in 1999, celebrates the unrivaled bond between human and canine. June 25, 2021 marks the 23rd national event. As more businesses transition to “pet friendly” environments, this year promises to be the biggest dog event yet!

In order to see this national holiday grow and encourage more employers to allow our four legged besties to join us at the office, there are some basic common courtesies that should be followed.

Brush up on basic obedience. The gentle nudge of a wet-nose for a quick greeting and pet warms the heart. A wild-eyed Tasmanian devil with a case of perma-zoomies…not so much.

Make sure your dog is properly socialized to strangers, humans and dogs. No one wants to unwittingly participate in a re-enactment of Cujo. If your dog is even a little bit iffy, you may want to invest in a “Don’t pet me” or “In training” harness that let’s people know your dog isn’t for cuddling.

Scope out beforehand where your dog can take potty breaks. This may seem like a shameless plug for our products, but honestly, it’s a thing. Don’t get caught unprepared while your dog is in full “potty dance” mode. Save your colleagues the trouble of navigating around your dog’s “uh oh”. And yes, Grass to Go does happen to be a perfect product for such an occasion.

If you can’t bring your dog to work with you, find other ways to keep him or her close. Bring new framed pictures to proudly display on your desk. You may even invest in one of those “doggie cams” so you can see and chat with your dog while you’re away.

Make it fun! If you’re working remote, Take Your Dog to Work Day may seem like every other day. Change up your routine to include something fun for the both of you while still being productive.

Take Your Dog to Work Day isn’t just about our dogs. It’s also a way to bond with other humans that understand your connection to your dog. This improves work loyalty, boosts morale and camaraderie, and let’s face it, everything is better when it includes fur cuddles, silly antics and squeaky toys. Ok, maybe not the squeaky toys.

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