Porch Potty's Puppy Preparedness Guide

You’ve made up your mind. It’s time for a new adventure in the form of a bouncing baby canine! First off, congratulations! All of us here know how rich our lives become when it’s shared with our four-legged family.

Maybe this is your first puppy, or maybe it’s been awhile. We thought we’d give you a hand with some ideas to prepare your home for this rambunctious ball of fur-energy that will soon bound into your home and heart (if he or she hasn’t already).

It’s time to puppy-proof. A curious pup (and they are all curious) learns about their world with their mouth…and teeth. Many-a designer purse or shoe has found it’s way into the trash bin due to those needle-sharp teeth! But it’s not just shoes and purses that can tempt a precocious dog, and some of them are down right dangerous!

Secure power cords, ethernet cables and anything with voltage that resides near or on the ground.

Double check that your houseplants aren’t toxic to dogs.

It may be time to retire the essential oil diffuser, some of them can actually make dogs extremely ill.

Table cloths, hanging drapes, shower curtains and loose rugs are extremely fun to yank and drag, especially when it involves an excellent game of chase to boot!

Corners of furniture: coffee and end tables, couches, etc., can really feel good on teething puppy gums. Invest in some corner protectors and pay a visit to your local pet supply store to ask what non-toxic sprays they recommend that discourage teething on your furniture.

Times have changed, and some chew toys that were once common place have been proven to be hazards as pieces can break off and cause choking or get stuck in their intestines.

Never underestimate a determined pup! You are bound to find things that you thought for sure were well out of reach, firmly clenched in their jaws. Peaches, avocados, and other common produce are toxic to dogs and it’s time to say goodbye to your dish of chocolates. Maybe replace them with strategically placed jars of pup-appropriate treats so you can lavish praise and rewards for good behavior!

Puppy gates and crates are fantastic ways to keep your pup in full view, and are useful tools for potty training. You’ll also want to download our proven H.A.B.I.T. Method here, to get you started on the right track!

Speaking of potty training, of course we think our Porch Potties are perfect for the job. You can place one conveniently right outside your patio or balcony door. Before you know it, you’ll have them well trained to use their specific spot! Who says that you have to trudge down flights of stairs in the middle of the night or give up your yard to “land mines” for many years to come?

The most important thing to remember: Enjoy your new family member! Harsh words and punishment can break a dog’s spirit and hinder your relationship. Encourage the good, discourage the not-so-good and pile on the love! He or she will pay you back more than you know.

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