Our Pet Points Leveled Up 𑁋 Here’s the Full Rundown

Hey, Porch Potty Fam! We know you love Pet Points as much as we do, so we need to update you on how these points have changed. Don’t worry, your current points are safe and aren’t going anywhere. Let’s break down this update! 

What Are Pet Points? 

Let’s quickly go over Pet Points if you’re new to our Porch Potty family.

Pet Points is Porch Potty’s way of giving back to the community and saying thank you for your loyalty through our form of store credit.

How Pet Points work: 

  • Sign up: When you sign up, you automatically get 300 Pet Points, which is equivalent to $3.00 in store credit. For every 100 points, you get a $1.00 off coupon.
  • Earn with every purchase: When you complete a purchase, you get 3 Pet Points per dollar spent.
  • Referral Program: When you refer a friend, they get $15 off their purchase and you get 15% of the value of their successful purchase in credit. More on the new referral program below!

To check your store credit, click on the "Rewards" widget in the bottom right corner of the Porch Potty site. Your rewards will show store credit in the "$" value. In addition, you'll see how many Pet Points you have through the widget. 


However, if you don't see your Pet Points, log in to your account with the same email address you use to purchase products. If you ever notice discrepancies in your Pet Points amount, contact us, and we'll take care of you!

Now that we've covered the basics, let's dig into more recent changes.  

Porch Potty Referral Discount

With our previous Referral Program, the friend you referred would get $15 off their entire order. Then, you would get a coupon for 15% off your next purchase.

Now, your referred friend would get $15 off of their purchase. You would get 15% of the successful order value in store credit as the referrer. For example, if your friend spends $200, you will get $30 in store credit. 

VIP Program

With Porch Potty’s VIP Tiers, you can earn more Pet Points per purchase depending on your current tier. Here’s how it works!  


Depending on your lifetime spend on Porch Potty products, you can bump up tiers. These tiers are Standard, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each has a different price range you must meet to move up.

For example, let's say you've spent a total of $270 or more with Porch Potty. That would put you in the Bronze tier, giving you 4 Pet Points per $1.00 you spent. That's quite a difference from the usual Pet Points, where you only get 3 Pet Points per $1.00 spent.

Follow the chart below to see the prices of the different tiers and how they match up with the number of Pet Points you receive depending on what you've spent: 

NEW: Surprise Store Credit

A brand-new addition to Pet Points is Surprise Store Credit. Although we can’t disclose how much store credit you’ll get with this feature (because it’s a surprise!), we can let you in on the secret just a little bit. 


When you reach a lifetime spend with Porch Potty halfway through Bronze, Silver, and Gold VIP Tiers, you'll earn a different amount of Surprise Credit.

You'll receive an email notification along with your new benefits when you reach a new tier. So, if you're at the Silver tier and your lifetime spend reaches halfway to the Gold tier, you're eligible for Surprise Credit. 


How to Redeem Pet Points

Once you have store credit, how can you redeem your Pet Points? 

There are three simple ways to redeem points: 

  • Copy the store credit code from the "Rewards" widget on the bottom right of the Porch Potty website. 
  • Copy the store credit code from your store credit reminder email. 
  • Automatically applying your code at checkout.

Enjoy Your Pet Points! 

We hope you enjoy our new and improved Pet Points. If you have any questions, reach out to Porch Potty through the chat widget in the right-hand corner of the Porch Potty site. 


Porch Potty is better when we offer you special discounts, deals, and referrals. We're honored that you've chosen Porch Potty and look forward to having you in our growing community! 


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