12 Amazing Dog Charities to Help this National Rescue Dog Day

12 Amazing Dog Charities to Help this National Rescue Dog Day

There is a beautiful Bichon Frise living at the House with A Heart Pet Sanctuary in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His name is Happy.

Happy is 11 years old, has lost the use of his rear back legs but lives up to his
namesake: he is happy and doesn’t let any obstacles slow him down as he rolls
around the sanctuary on a cool pair of wheels. Happy’s former family made the
tough decision to give him up because they could not handle the demands of caring for a paraplegic doggo.

Thankfully, there are places around the world like House with A Heart.
With National Dog Rescue Day upon us, what better gift than donating money, volunteer hours, blankets, food or other help to one of the amazing pet charities, shelters and organizations around the world offering a safe haven to joyous animals like Happy.

Most are run by volunteers and in tough economic times these fabulous groups find it extremely tough to pay for the expensive vet, food and other bills needed to care for pups, kittens and other pets.

The staff at Porch Potty have big hearts. We came up with 12 wonderful places to donate, but please do your own research. There are plenty of fabulous places in your neighborhood desperate for funds, volunteers and people to help and adopt their pups.

Hope for Paws 

To see what wonderful work this organization performs simply watch the six-minute video on the home page of their website. It shows the care, dedication and results its volunteers do to rescue abused, abandoned or neglected animals.

The video begins with the discovery of a Lotus, a scared, homeless and malnourished dog near a drain and the process in caring and rehabilitating the pup.

Amazing stuff that will leave a tear (or 100 tears) on your cheek. The website explains how you can donate and help.

Villalobos Rescue Center 

Villalobos is based in Louisiana and takes in all dog breeds, although the main focus is Pit Bulls. The facility and its founder, Tia Maria Torres, is world renowned for the reality TV show Pit Bulls & Paroles.

Despite the fame, Villalobos relies on donor contributions to continue their life-saving work going. They take in about 40 dogs a month and adopt out 30 across the lower 48 US states and Canada.

It costs about $10,000 a day to run the facility and $500,000 a year on vet bills. Villalobos is a private, non-profit organization and donations are 100 per cent tax deductible. Used/new blankets, rugs, towels, sheets etc. are also always welcome.


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and their UK and Australian counterparts, do amazing things for animals across their territories including rescues, placements and protection.

Please visit each organization’s site to see how you can assist.

Project Freedom Ride

What an amazing idea created by a mom, Jen, and son, Roman, who were living in Texas and adopted a dog from a local “kill shelter”. They saved their pup Luna and saw the need for saving more dogs facing death in Texas.

Project Freedom Ride sends dogs facing euthanasia in Texas and Georgia to families, rescue organizations and Humane Societies in the Pacific Northwest or Northeast. They have saved almost 2,000 dogs and cats.

They transport 40 to 100 dogs at a time and the trips cost between $5,000 to $10,000 per month and are 100 per cent donation driven. The website has plenty of information on how you can adopt, donate or help in other ways.

Canine Estates 

This is a wonderful foster based, small dog rescue and sanctuary in Palm Harbor, Florida. They are ranked in Entirely Pets’ top 50 canine welfare charities to donate to.

They rescue abused, abandoned and neglected dogs, often from kill-shelters. They rehabilitate and provide veterinary care for the dogs in order to make them suitable for adoption.

Frosted Faces Foundation

Frosted Faces, just like the name suggests, looks after older animals. It is an amazing non-profit organization that organizes new families and quality vet care for senior animals whose lives are in jeopardy.

Their website has plenty of details on how to adopt, sponsor, donate or help in other ways. It is completely funded by donations, grants and fundraisers.

Dogs Without Borders 

Dogs Without Borders is a foster-based rescue in Los Angeles, pulling small breed dogs from LA area shelters, as well as working with international rescue partners to re-home dogs in need.

DWB is a registered non-profit and has placed over 6,000 dogs since its inception. It will continue to rescue thousands more with the support of generous donations, fosters, and volunteers. DWB works with families who adopt dogs for the rest of the adopted dog’s life.

Fences for Fido

This incredible Washington state-based group has “unchained” more than 2,000 dogs. Fences for Fido builds fences free of charge for families who keep their pets on chains, tethers, and small enclosures.

They also provide insulated doghouses, spay/neuter services and emergency vet care. Their website offers ways you can help.

While this organization isn't a "rescue" in the traditional sense, they help educate dog owners on proper dog care so dogs can avoid being confiscated or surrendered. This puts them on our list of charities to support for National Rescue Dog Day!

Guardian Angels Medical Services Dogs 

Such a great group. Since 2010, Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs has been rescuing, raising, training and then donating individually trained medical service dogs to veterans and others struggling with a myriad of disabilities.

Check out their website.

Guide Dog Foundation 

Another fantastic group. The Guide Dog Foundation helps to improve the quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired by providing guide dogs and training, free of charge, to people in need. There are so many ways to help, including tax deductible donations. Every dollar helps.

It costs more than $50,000 to breed, raise, train, and place one guide dog. There is never a charge to the individual in need of the dog.

Guide Dog Foundation finds its way on our list, because not all rescues have four legs. Sometimes it's humans that need a little extra help and it seemed fitting to add this organization to our List.

Animal Aid Unlimited 

Abandoned and homeless dogs are a huge problem in India. Animal Aid Unlimited works to rescue and rehabilitate these dogs and other ownerless street animals.

Every year they rescue more than 15,000 injured animals in Udaipur, India.

House with a Heart 

This safe haven provides a “sanctuary and forever home” for senior dogs like Happy the paraplegic Bichon Frise and cats for the rest of the animal’s life. Often dogs with elderly owners who die are abandoned by surviving family members.

Maybe the doggos have medical problems owners do not want to deal with. Due to the advanced ages of these animals, the likelihood of their adoption is slim. The House with a Heart website shows how you can donate, adopt or help in other ways.

You can also read stories about Happy and his cute housemates.

Whether you have a rescue dog or are looking for an animal welfare organization to support, we wanted to share our top picks for giving our doggos the helping hand they deserve.

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