Kibble Katcher Wins European Product Design Award for Spill-Proof Features and Beautiful, Clean Design

The Kibble Katcher has received the honor of winning the European Product Design Award for Pet Accessories

It’s the ultimate no-mess dog food and water bowl station. Trust us, it’s an upgrade from typical dog bowl feeders that require constant cleaning due to kibble and water spillage. 

Check out the Kibble Katcher!

But we’ll let this amazing honor speak for itself. The European Product Design Award was established to recognize talented international product designers whose innovative products aim to improve our daily lives. 

The Farmani Group, established in 1985, assembled the European Product Design Award to bring attention and promotion to international product design and industrial design. 

The European Product Design Award particularly awards product design that meets strategic thinking, creativity, and imagination. This award makes it possible to reach a wider audience in Europe that appreciates great product design. 

So, what makes the Kibble Katcher worthy of this reward? 

Well, with the Kibble Katcher’s unique, one-of-a-kind design, gone are the days of sweeping up kibble bits on your floor.

Its spill-proof feeding solution uses raised, BPA-free plastic bowls set on an angled aluminum shelf to prevent spilled kibble from collecting on the floor. No need to bring out the mop again, either. The Kibble Katcher prevents water spillage and puts an end to gross, slobbery floor puddles.

Catcher trays? Exactly! When kibble or water spills into their respective catcher tray, simply slide the trays out and pour the kibble and water back into their bowls. Easy, right?

Brandon Kennington is the inventor of the Kibble Katcher and the founder of Los Angeles-based product development company BlueKube. He says the Kibble Katcher is the solution to bringing dogs back to the dining room with the family without the mess of crushed, soggy kibble all over the floor.

“Sometimes as a product designer or any creative person for that matter, we take risks in our designs, knowing that there is a chance we may miss the mark. Winning the European Product Design Award helps us feel that taking those design risks can be worth it sometimes, and gives us validation as designers to follow our gut instinct and continue designing products people love to use,” Kennington says. 

Let’s not forget the other feature preventing water puddles: the floating disk in the water bowl allows enough water for dogs to drink at a time. Due to its angle, it supports better posture and encourages slower drinking. 

BlueKube’s Director of Product Design, Blake Noh, says the Kibble Katcher is changing the game in the pet market. 

“Kibble Katcher was a fulfilling project to work on as an Industrial Designer. In a market where most dog bowls are plastic commodities, it was a fun challenge to incorporate a modern aesthetic and utility of solving a problem dog owners have of spilled food and water. I’m proud of the elegant solution we reached, and it is powerful to be recognized with a prestigious award,” Noh says. 

In addition, the Kibble Katcher is a visually beautiful solution with its Mid-Century Modern inspired design that fits the look of any home or apartment. 

BlueKube’s Product Development Engineer, Zac Mahoney, says that although he didn’t directly work on the product design, he’s familiar with the eye-catching Kibble Katcher.  

“I helped submit the entry details, and can say it is very deserving of this award. Blake and Brandon did an excellent job creating a product that is both functional and attractive. This award is indicative of the caliber of products Bluekube creates,” Mahoney says. 

Made with aircraft aluminum and baltic-birch plywood, this makes the Kibble Katcher the best of both worlds for dog parents who want a practical, functional dog bowl station without sacrificing style! 

Thank you to the European Product Design Award for recognizing the Kibble Katcher for its practical functionality and beautiful product design!

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