Kibble Katcher Wins Product of the Year from the 2022 Independent Pet Innovation Awards

The Kibble Katcher has done it again, adding another pet product award to its repertoire! BlueKube is proud to announce that our innovative dog bowl feeder was selected as the winner of the Product of the Year Award for the Bowls category with the Pet Innovation Awards.

Check out the Kibble Katcher!

It’s truly an honor for the Kibble Katcher to be selected for this award by the 2022 Independent Pet Innovation Awards program. So, what makes this award stand out?

Judges for the Independent Pet Innovation Awards are highly experienced in senior-level marketing in the pet products world. With a detailed judging process involving a thorough review, analysis, and scoring, only a select few are given these awards.

The Kibble Katcher was up against fierce competition with 2,000 other nominated pet products, but still climbed to the top of its category!

The Independent Pet Innovation Awards program was created to honor and recognize the hard work behind the best pet products, as well as uplift the notable companies that think up new, brilliant pet product ideas. The pet industry is rapidly growing, so creativity and innovation are a welcome sight in an expanding market of pet lovers who long to see new ideas flourish.

According to the Pet Innovation Awards website, the global pet market will reach $358 billion by 2027! With a growing market comes an ever-increasing demand for the next best thing. This is even more reason to celebrate being honored by the Pet Innovation Awards.

Specifically, the Kibble Katcher won in the “Bowls, Feeders, and Waterers” category. Other categories include “Apparel,” “Grooming and Cleaning,” and “Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses.” With all of these great categories spurring inspiration among inventors and creative minds, the Pet Innovation Awards has seen more than 1,250 nominations from all over the world!

We’re proud to say that the Kibble Katcher is indeed standing on the world stage. We’re as confident in our product today as the day it was first launched! We know that the Kibble Katcher is guaranteed to impress every dog parent by keeping kibble and water messes off the floor.

How exactly? By giving the typical plastic dog bowls a much-needed, modern upgrade!

It’s no secret why the Kibble Katcher continues to succeed with its smart and innovative design. Our no-mess feeding solution features an angled aircraft aluminum surface that leads stray kibble and dripped water to two separate catcher trays. When you spot collected kibble and water, pull the catcher trays out and pour the contents back into their correct bowl. Nothing goes to waste!

These separate catcher trays prevent bits of kibble from falling on the floor and put a stop to water puddles for good. As dog parents, we all know the horror of stepping on hard kibble and slipping on slobbery puddles. That’s why these bowls are made to be extra spill-proof.

When your dog wants to drink large gulps of water in one sitting, that’s where the floating disk in the water bowl comes into play! It gently floats in the water bowl to allow a certain amount of water to the surface while encouraging your dog to drink more slowly.

Because of the angled shelf, the food in the other bowl is at a better angle to promote correct posture and better digestion. Think of a regular dog food bowl that sits on the floor. Your dog has to eat with their head down at a low angle, or they have to go down and put their head up to properly chew and swallow.

This positioning of your dog’s body can negatively affect the spine and lower back. The Kibble Katcher brings the food and water bowls off the floor, allowing your dog to eat more mindfully while standing in an improved position.

Dog bowls are vessels to feed your dog and quench their thirst, but it doesn’t mean we can’t give our canine companions a better eating and drinking experience. Now you can keep the kibble and water messes off the floor and enjoy a cleaner feeding station for you and your dog to enjoy.

Thank you to the Independent Pet Innovation Awards for recognizing the Kibble Katcher for its fantastic design and for bringing dogs back into the family dining room! 

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