Experience the Future of Dog Bowls With the Kibble Katcher

Experience the Future of Dog Bowls With the Kibble Katcher

Imagine no more crushed kibble and puddles all over your floors. Besides the annoyance of stepping in that wet spot with your freshest pair of socks on, did you know that those soggy kibble bits are a breeding ground for bacteria and toxins? 

Your dog deserves more than elevated bowl feeders made of cheap plastics that become swamped with moist food bits. Let's face it: dogs are not elegant eaters and will proceed to dribble their water after taking a massive gulp. Then, they'll immediately dig their adorable furry heads into their food bowl, making a soggy mess of the fresh kibble you put in there five minutes ago. 

That's why we at BlueKube decided to upgrade the standard dog food and water bowl feeder. Being dog lovers with our own canine friends, we've swept up enough kibble and mopped up numerous puddles of wet, sloppy messes on our floors to know that the dog feeder was begging for a redo. 

Because we want our dogs to join us as part of the family, we didn't want to create a feeder that gets in your way in the main rooms of your home. Unfortunately, many dogs only have access to their food and water bowls in extra rooms, or their feeders get tucked into the corner where they still make a mess. 

With the Kibble Katcher, you get a mid-century contemporary design made of classic materials that become a compact feeding station for your dog. In fact, we designed Kibble Katcher from the ground up to ensure the absolute best fit, function, and look for your home. 

Let's start with the angled shelf that is stamped from brushed, extruded, and anodized aluminum that stands the test of time by resisting discoloration and corrosion. The layered wood panels are laminated and rounded for a classic look. The food bowl, water bowl, and catch trays are molded from BPA-free, dishwasher safe, food-grade plastic that is pet-safe and easy to clean. 

Any spilled kibble is never lost as your dog eats because it instantly falls into the separate food catcher tray. Which prevents you from constantly stepping into crunchy kibble bits that get all over your floor. To save each piece of kibble after it’s fallen into its catcher tray, all you have to do is slide it out and pour the kibble back into the food bowl. 

Because of the smart design behind the water bowl, the days of your dog making a drooly, watery mess on the floor is a thing of the past. That's because the floating plastic disk prevents the water from splashing and keeps your dog from gulping down their water too quickly. 

Even if some water manages to spill, it'll go directly into the separate water catcher tray below. To empty the tray, simply slide it out and pour the water back into the bowl. Plus, there’s no more worrying about bumping into the water bowl because the floating disk keeps the water inside the bowl. Which also makes it resistant to any accidental bumping and kicking! 

So the next time you have guests over, they can marvel at the beautiful design of this one-of-a-kind dog feeder. If anyone bumps into it, rest assured that water is not splashing anywhere! 

Not only does the Kibble Katcher keep sloppy messes off of the floor, but the food and water bowls are raised off the ground, which helps prevent neck pain and promotes proper digestion. 

Perhaps the best part of the Kibble Katcher is that there's no assembly required! That's right, it arrives in the box already perfectly assembled. But even when you need to take it apart for cleaning, it's easy to put it back together. Simply place the bowls and catcher trays back in their correct place, then put the aluminum shelf back on the top of the Kibble Katcher. 

Speaking of cleaning, the bowls and catcher trays are dishwasher-safe, so you can rest assured that the surface your dog eats and drinks from is properly sanitized every time. Then, you can easily wipe down the rest of the Kibble Katcher with a damp cloth or sponge, and you're good to go. 

Don't go to drastic measures to keep your home clean just because of your dog's food and water bowls. There's no reason to continue buying those standard bowl feeders that only collect kibble and water, making a gross kibble soup for you to clean up. 

So give your dog the best and give yourself a break by bringing the Kibble Katcher into your home. You get the convenience of easy cleaning and having dog bowls that aren't a total eyesore, while your dog can rejoin the family for mealtime. 

Forget the gross, soggy messes of yesterday and check out the Kibble Katcher to experience the bright future of this one-of-a-kind dog feeder today!

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