The Easiest Homemade Doggie Dental Treats to Make Now

The Easiest Homemade Doggie Dental Treats to Make Now

You want your furbaby to have the freshest breath the next time they pounce on you for kisses. But what if you want to avoid buying greenies from the supermarket over the laundry list of ingredients in them? Is it possible to make your own and save a few bucks here and there, all while giving your dog a homemade better-for-them version at the same time? 

Good news! You can definitely have the best of both worlds with homemade greenies. This recipe will require a trip to the store because some of the ingredients probably aren’t in most pantries, but it’s well worth the effort. You can make as many as you’d like without having to run out every time your dog eats their way through the stash!

These homemade greenies are grain-free and made with healthier ingredients, so your pup will be sure to appreciate them. For ingredients that you probably already have on hand, you’ll need fresh mint, parsley, and an egg. You may have to buy activated charcoal, diatomaceous earth, brewers yeast, grass-fed gelatin, organic coconut oil, ghee, bone broth, liquid chlorophyll, and chickpea flour (also known as garbanzo bean flour). 

While you’re at it shopping for ingredients you need, get some bone-shaped cookie cutters to add visual appeal (and separate them from human treats)! And make sure you have a food processor to effectively blend the ingredients. 

First, you’ll want to blend the mint, parsley, charcoal, diatomaceous earth, brewer’s yeast, gelatin, and one egg. You’ll want to process these ingredients smoothly to ensure they’ve been broken down and blended well together. 

Next, add the melted coconut oil and ghee, along with the bone broth and chlorophyll. Process these ingredients well so they blend with everything else. Add the chickpea flour a little at a time to gradually combine until it forms a nice dough. 

You’re almost done! Lastly, roll out the dough onto parchment paper. Use the cookie cutters to shape the dough and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 20 minutes, until crunchy. Let the greenies cool for a few hours before feeding them to your dog. Store in an airtight container and watch your dog enjoy these delicious minty treats that will freshen their breath when they need it the most. 

So what are the dental health benefits of these homemade greenies? Why not just buy a bag of store-brand greenies and be done with it? Well, these DIY treats have several advantages over store-bought. 

Let’s start with activated charcoal and what this ingredient can do for your dog. First off, it cleanses the odors in your dog’s mouth. That’s right, it’s not the mint and parsley eliminating the stink! These herbs simply cover the odor with a minty fresh smell, but charcoal thoroughly cleanses the source of the bad doggie breath. 

The benefits of activated charcoal for dogs go beyond dental health. Charcoal also helps with indigestion, diarrhea, and protects the liver if your dog accidentally eats something poisonous. 

Now, don’t think that mint and parsley only mask doggie breath. Although these ingredients play a big role in keeping your dog’s breath fresh, they also have other health benefits. 

Starting with mint, this herb helps with digestion and soothes an upset stomach. It’s full of Vitamin A and C, which supports healthy bones, skin, vision, and the immune system. Mint balances your dog’s nutrients because it’s full of trace minerals like copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, and zinc. If your dog has seasonal allergies or respiratory issues due to mucus, mint can help clear their sinuses up. Speaking of odors, mint also reduces gas. 

Parsley isn’t only a garnish; it’s another herb that provides health benefits for dogs. Much like mint, parsley covers the stench of bad breath. But it’s also good for dogs with arthritis, anemia, urinary tract issues, upset stomachs, and gas. Although, you shouldn’t give parsley to pregnant dogs due to its urinary stimulation properties. 

These homemade greenies are grain-free, but what does that mean for dogs? A grain-free diet excludes wheat, corn, soy, barley, rice, oats, and rye. Remember that a grain-free diet can be confused with a gluten-free diet. Although gluten-free excludes gluten found in wheat, something labeled as such can still contain grains just without gluten. 

The benefits of a grain-free diet for dogs include better digestion, reducing the risk of food allergies, and higher nutritional value. 

When you make these homemade greenies, you’re giving your dog multiple benefits that go beyond just dental health. After all, when your dog’s overall health is well taken care of, their dental health can thrive as well. Plus, by making greenies yourself, you know the exact ingredients going into your dog’s treats. That means no extra sugars, no preservatives, and no artificial coloring. 

So do right by your dog and make the best treats for their dental and overall health today! Have you ever made homemade greenies to improve your dog’s bad breath? Tell us in the comments below. 

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