Porch Potty helps dog owners transition back to work and life

As many of us begin making plans to return life “back to normal”, working on location, traveling, and mask-free living, there is an entire population that is struggling to adjust. They don’t speak our language, but they know something is amok and it can cause a great deal of anxiety for them.

Of course, we’re talking about our dogs.

It was only a few months ago, that pet adoptions were at a record high, literally emptying shelters. Now these same organizations are fearful of the tragic return of many of the “pandemic pets.”

All of us at Porch Potty understand that no family wants to surrender their dog. We realize that it’s often a decision made out of desperation without full understanding of alternatives.

“We’re all dog people here,” Brandon Kennington, CEO and Founder of Porch Potty explained, “We know how utterly devastated we would be if we had to make the choice to give up one of our fur children.”

Brandon invented the first Porch Potty 10 years ago. The concept took root after a particularly late and sleepy trip down flights of stairs so that Moxie, a spunky young pug, could relieve herself. In the midst of sleep deprivation common among puppy owners, Brandon thought, “I wish there was a way to put some grass on our porch.”

Rather than letting the thought go, Brandon set to work on a design that would do just that. With Moxie by his side as the ever-enthusiastic prototype critic, the Porch Potty was born.

Since then, the Porch Potty line has grown significantly along with its community. Porch Potty is more than just a potty solution for individuals and families living in high-rise apartments.

“We receive emails from customers around the globe, thanking us for improving their quality of life,” Brandon recalls, “Some are from service dog owners. Some are from families with special needs or aging dogs. Some are from people just grateful to have their backyards back so they can throw a last-minute BBQ without having to worry about cleaning up.”

While dog rescues and animal welfare organizations are bracing themselves for mass adoption returns, Porch Potty is taking steps to keep dogs in their homes and with the humans they’ve grown to love.

Last Thursday we launched the latest addition to its lineup, Grass to Go.

As the name implies, Grass to Go is designed to offer greater portability to the Porch Potty line while still maintaining its predecessors’ durability and iconic wicker-resin. Small enough to fit in a laundry room, balcony and even indoor or outdoor dog runs, Grass to Go gives dog owners the peace of mind that their dogs don’t have to just hold it during their long hours away at work.

Another appealing aspect of Grass to Go is its ability to travel easily. “People are anxious to get out and experience the world again,” Brandon said, “Dog owners used to have to choose between vacationing and time with their dogs. Many avid travelers may feel like they can’t keep dogs because it wouldn’t be fair. Now they can. Between the increasing number of pet-friendly vacation spots and Grass to Go, they won’t have to make that choice anymore.”

Grass to Go fits on boats, in RV’s and hotel rooms and offers dogs a piece of home comfort, reducing travel-induced stress. It can be checked on a plane and set up just about anywhere, so you’re never at a loss for where your dog can go.

Dogs are creatures of habit and adjusting those habits can take time and patience. Before and after purchase, We're committed to supporting its community. Through our customer service channels and blog, you can receive practical, tested training tips for transitioning your dog to Porch Potty or Grass to Go, vacation ideas, cleaning tips and more.

“A lot of the people that adopted dogs during the pandemic are first time pet owners,” Brandon points out, “One in five, reports are showing. We want them to be successful, and we’re here to offer solutions so that they can keep their dogs.”

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