5 Essential Features that make Porch Potty’s Synthetic Grass the Best

When it comes to dogs, not all synthetic grass is created equal. From the materials to its backing, using the wrong kind of artificial turf for dog potties can affect how quickly and successfully you are able to transition your dog to use it as well as odor build up and durability.

Porch Potty’s synthetic grass covers every detail to make sure it’s the perfect artificial turf to use.

Here are the top 5 features that make Porch Potty’s synthetic grass the best:

  1. Non-porous. Artificial turf is often made with porous materials that can trap waste particles in them, which over time can weaken the strands and harbor odor-causing bacteria. We use waterproof nylon strands that wick moisture away for a clean rinse.
  2. It feels like real grass. While some dogs are less particular than others, we went the distance to cater to even the pickiest of pooches by offering synthetic grass that is kind to the discerning paw.
  3. Non-toxic. Let’s face it, curiosity isn’t just a cat problem. Boredom and separation anxiety can cause our dogs to have a go at gnawing on the weirdest things. Because we know how important maintaining safe environments are for our human and furry family members, our synthetic grass is non-toxic to both!
  4. Highly permeable backing. Using non-porous fibers for artificial turf doesn’t do any good if there’s nowhere for waste and wastewater to drain. Porch Potty’s synthetic grass backing is highly perforated and drains away waste water almost instantly, discouraging the build up of unpleasant odors.
  5. Durability. Not all dogs are exactly…graceful, and the least of the bunch usually think they’re lap dogs. Our synthetic grass is designed to withstand weather related damage like sun, heat and humidity, it will also stand up to even the most aggressive post-potty scratchers.

All of these features work together to offer a synthetic grass that is easy to clean and discourage bad odors from taking hold.

How to care for your synthetic grass:

To increase the life of your synthetic grass, regular and thorough cleaning is necessary.

TURFtastic is our odor eliminator specifically designed for use with dog potties. Non-toxic, all natural and with zero perfumes or added scents make TURFtastic the perfect solution to eliminate odor-causing proteins by breaking them down at an enzymatic level.

Community tip: Many in the Porch Potty community alternate between two synthetic grass pads. While one is in use, you can take the other to a powerwash for deep rinsing, just be certain to avoid any harsh chemicals that are heavily scented or that can damage the artificial fibers.

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