Artificial Grass for Dogs: Your FAQs Answered

A Pekingese dog on a leash standing outside on grass

A Pekingese dog on a leash at a grassy park enjoying being outside on a sunny day while two people in the background are talking

Dogs love being outside almost as much as they enjoy sticking their heads out the window while you’re driving. The different smells, the sounds, the feeling of grass under their feet…it’s like a little slice of doggy heaven.

However, it’s not always safe out there alone. That’s why installing a dog run is a great idea if you work long hours or you need a protected place for them to play when you have visitors over. 

There’s no limit on the size of the run you can install when using turf for dogs. The bigger the better, but let your available space and budget decide. Just remember that you’ll need space for playing, sleeping, water, and peeing and pooping. 

If your pet is going to be spending a couple of hours in it, you’ll need three square meters at the least, and you can take this number up to five square meters if you have bigger dogs. 

When it comes to materials, the reason artificial grass for dogs is recommended is that it’s so much easier to keep clean. It’s free of harmful chemicals, too, so you don’t need to worry about toxins touching your pet and causing a bad reaction. Read on to find out more about the other benefits of using artificial turf for dog runs and get answers to all the most common FAQs on the topic. 


Two dogs running outside on grass

Two cute dogs running and chasing each other outside in a grassy yard with a dark brown fence

What Is A Dog Run Or Pet Relief Area?

Think of a dog run as a space that lets your pet live more comfortably because they can run around as much as they like without you having to worry about their safety all the time. It also provides them with a place to do their business in comfort.

Why Should I Install A Dog Run?

You’ll create a protected place using artificial turf for dogs, for your furkid to relax, play, and sleep outdoors. Your dog will be able to run around freely and won’t need your constant supervision. Plus, they can potty in comfort.

Why Should I Use Artificial Grass In A Dog Run Instead Of Live Grass?

Artificial grass for dogs is generally a better idea because your pet could get sick if they’re exposed to grass that’s covered in fertilizer and/or pesticide. Even the organic options can be dangerous, so beware. An artificial lawn doesn’t need those chemicals. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Grass For Dog Runs Or Pet Relief Areas?

Artificial grass means no burned patches, maintenance, or mud puddles. It does, however, cost a little more to install. 

Does Artificial Grass Hinder Potty Training?

Your pup will be more than happy to poop and pee on artificial turf for dogs. They’ll treat it the same way they would natural grass. There’ll just be less cleanup required!

What Should You Look For When Choosing Artificial Grass For Your Dog?

Choose a high-quality artificial grass that features excellent drainage, a realistic texture, long-lasting backing,  the pile and face height you prefer, and is free of harmful chemicals.

What Should You Avoid When Choosing Artificial Grass For Your Dog?

If your puppy is a chewer or you’ve got an adult dog that likes a good gnaw, make sure that there’s no lead backing in the artificial grass you install for them. Some products also have a shock pad feature, which should be avoided as they’re often made of foam and can cause terrible intestinal blockages if chewed and swallowed.  

How Long Should Artificial Turf For Dogs Last In A Run/Pet Relief Area?

You’ll get at least six months to one year of use if you buy good quality artificial turf. Its longevity depends on how many dogs are using it, however.

How Do I Care For And Clean Artificial Grass For Dogs?

You should remove big debris and poop at once. We also recommend that you rinse artificial turf between cleanings, just to remove any excess dust, dirt, or hair.

A woman cleaning artificial grass with TurfTastic odor eliminator

A woman cleaning artificial grass with a spray bottle diluted with Turftastic odor eliminator

How Do I Get The Smell Of Urine Out Of Fake Grass For Dogs?

When you can smell dog pee on your artificial turf, it’s time to use an odor eliminator. Water alone won’t help you get rid of the smell because the uric acid in it is not water-soluble. 

Why Dogs Are Hard On A Yard

As great as they are at giving us love, keeping us physically healthier, lowering stress levels, boosting our social engagement, and making us happier overall, dogs are not an ideal pairing with live grass!

The high levels of nitrogen in their pee burns grass, turning it yellow, then brown, and eventually killing it. Dog poop has similar nitrogen levels and can also hurt your lawn. It also contains potentially harmful fungi and bacteria. 

A puppy digging in a yard

A curious puppy digging in a yard that is mostly dirt with a few sprigs of grass

Dogs love a good dig too, which is an instant grass killer and can dry out your soil. This makes it difficult for anything to grow in these areas in the future. And their other favorite pastime, running, squashes grass and compacts the soil too—neither of which does grass any good. 

Good fake grass for dogs solves all of these problems the instant it’s installed. It’s much easier to clean, tougher than real grass, and it looks great all year round. No matter what weather conditions you’re dealing with, it’ll look great and your maintenance costs will be nearly zero. There’s no discoloration, mud, patchiness, or weeds for you to worry about, and your water bill won’t skyrocket.

Put Your Dog’s Safety And Comfort First

When you start considering installing artificial grass for dogs in a purpose-built run or anywhere else, keep comfort, durability, and security as your main aims. You’ll need to minimize the risk of injury for your pet by choosing a product that’s resistant to chewing and that doesn’t have spaces where little limbs could get jammed up. You’ll also need to ensure that unwanted access to dangerous areas is prevented, and that your pooch has protection from the sun and rain. 

A puppy with floppy ears laying on bright green artificial turf

A happy puppy with floppy ears seeming to smile laying on bright green artificial turf

It’s really easy to create a clean, comfortable area for your pups to play and potty in using fake grass for dogs. What’s better than a good boy or girl that can play, relax, and run around outside whenever they want? The added comfort of them being able to do all this without giving their pawrents sky-high anxiety levels. 

With a list of pros as long as your arm and barely any cons to speak of, what are you waiting for? Go get that artificial turf for dogs and make your pup an even happier hound. 

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