15 Easiest Dog Breeds to Potty Train

15 Easiest Dog Breeds to Potty Train

Are you considering adopting a new family member of the canine variety? There are many things to consider when bringing home a dog, from potty training to forming a bond with your new companion. If you've never had a dog, you might wonder if certain breeds are more straightforward to house-train than others. 

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Although it's not a good idea to judge the dog by the breed, some traits appear more or less in some dog breeds than in others. For example, toy breeds like Chihuahuas are known for barking, whereas Border Collies are working dogs who thrive when given an active job.

Before buying a dog from a breeder, do your homework to make sure the breeder is reputable and responsible. Don’t be turned off if the breeder wants to interview you, this a good sign! It means they are conscientious about what type of homes their puppies are going to. Never ever purchase your dog from a pet store.

There's a perfect dog breed for every family, so let's go over the easiest dogs to potty train based on typical personality traits these breeds display! 

Which Dog Breeds are Easier to Potty Train? 

From toy breeds to large breeds and everything in between, here are the top dogs to potty train!

Smart, energetic and hardworking, Border Collies pick up on new concepts quickly.

1. Border Collie

Border Collies are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds, making it easier for them to understand instructions and training. These dogs also have natural herding instincts, so keeping them busy is crucial. You can teach Border Collies complex tricks without much trouble, so potty training these dogs is a breeze! 

The closer they are to working lines, the stronger their instincts are. Homes with small children will need to be prepared to keep their herding tendencies in check.

The German Shepherds tireless drive for work make them perfect for police and service work.

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the easiest dogs to train if you're ready to put in the time and energy. These dogs are fiercely loyal, hardworking, and strive to impress their human parent(s). No wonder this breed is often trained for police work! The best training technique for German Shepherds is being assertive but encouraging.

The Labrador Retriever ranks the most popular dog breed in the Americas every year for the last 31 years!

3. Labrador Retriever 

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds for families. With their gentle and friendly nature, Labs make great emotional therapy dogs. They have a hardworking attitude and are also a good fit for some police work. These qualities make Labs easier to potty train because they're able to pick up new information quickly and enjoy learning!

Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence.

4. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are excellent and versatile working dogs who love active tasks. They're fast learners and love playing outside but also do great in a home environment. For Aussies, crate training is made easy because they don't like to go potty where they sleep. So they naturally understand that where they sleep and potty are separate areas! Win-win!

Much like border collies, Aussies are driven to work and have strong herding instincts. You may need to consider if you have the type of home,family and schedule that will keep them engaged and out of trouble.

One of the most ancient dog breeds, the Maltese dates back to the fourth or fifth century BC.

5. Maltese

Malteses are highly intelligent dogs that respond well to positive reinforcement. If you're a first-time dog owner, a Maltese is a fantastic choice when you put in the work. These dogs pick up potty training quickly and often catch on before finding their forever home! They can sometimes be stubborn, but they have a heart of gold and a willingness to learn.

The Shiba Inu is one of the most popular breeds in Japan.

6. Shiba Inu

Initially bred for hunting, the Shiba Inu breed is a popular family dog because of their fierce loyalty and loving personality. Shiba Inus pick potty training unbelievably fast because they naturally go potty as far away from their sleeping area as possible. These dogs may display this behavior even at four weeks old! Typically, they can hold their bladder by five weeks old throughout the night.

Shiba Inus rank high as apartment compatible dogs because they aren’t highly vocal dogs.

Poodles are often valued in homes with dog allergies due to the fact they shed very little.

7. Standard Poodle

These dogs are known for their fancy, groomed looks, but Poodles are highly intelligent and quickly pick up on new commands. Poodles like to keep active with lots of exercises outdoors through walking, running, and other activities. They need more time and practice with potty training, but once they understand where to "go," they've got it locked down.

Miniature Schnauzers are loyal family dogs. Wherever their people are, they want to be, it's a good thing they are so adaptable.

8. Miniature Schnauzer

This fun-sized breed is protective, intelligent, and loves socializing! Miniature Schnauzers are eager to please their human companions, so they're happy to pick up new tricks. These dogs have sensitive hearts, so you must be as positive as possible during potty training. By giving them love, Miniature Schnauzer puppies can be house-trained in less than one week!

Schnauzers, like Poodles, are known for how little they shed, making them a great choice for families with allergies.

Even though France developed the Papillon, it was Spain and Italy that made them popular.

9. Papillon

These tiny dogs are among the easiest toy breeds to potty train. Papillons form strong bonds with their human companions and are eager to please. Like Mini Schnauzers, they need lots of love during potty training because they're more sensitive dogs. But their big hearts make them excellent therapy dogs.

Fox Terriers are known for their high energy and are best suited to families where they will receive a lot of exercise.

10. Toy Fox Terrier

These dogs are easily house-trained and catch onto potty commands very quickly. These terriers are playful, loyal, and great for families with older children. Plus, older kids can help with the potty training process and learn more about the responsibilities of having a dog! 

Shih Tzu is derived from the Latin word for "Little Lion".

11. Shih Tzu

For another toy breed with a huge heart, look no further than a Shih Tzu! These adorable dogs love being the center of attention, so get ready to have them asking for treats often. Although Shih Tzus can be stubborn at times, it’s due to their strong sense of independence. With plenty of positive praise and attention, they’ll pick up potty training relatively quickly. Just have a treat ready for them! 

Shih Tzus are highly adaptable dogs that require less exercise than other breeds, making them great for apartment homes.

Bichon Frise didn't arrive in the United States until 1950's.

12. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are tiny dogs with lots of energy and charm. These dogs do well with crate training because they won't pee close to where they sleep, so it's easy for them to understand potty training. Being an alert dog breed, Bichon Frises won't have to bother you whenever they have to potty if they have one accessible. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their loyalty, dedicating themselves to one family.

13. Bernese Mountain Dog 

If your family is looking for a large dog, look no further than Bernese Mountain Dogs! These gentle giants are clever, friendly, well-behaved, and make fantastic family dogs. Because of their natural nurturing personalities, they're great around small children. Bernese Mountain Dogs can be a challenging breed for first-time dog owners, but the correct training techniques pay off big time. When it comes to potty training, they quickly pick up on new training commands and live to please.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for being great with children due to their patient, gentle and affectionate disposition.

Afghan Hounds are extremely athletic, reaching run speeds up to 40 mph.

14. Afghan Hound

These large, elegant dogs were once trained for hunting but certainly have a soft side. Although they’re stubbornly independent at times, they’re also loveable pups who want to please their human family! So, when it comes to potty training, they learn relatively quickly as long as they get plenty of praise throughout the learning process.

Boston Terriers are the entertainers of the dog world.

15. Boston Terrier

These perfectly compact and sweet dogs have lots of energy, but short attention spans. Even though potty training can be challenging with this breed, with a training method of assertive and positive techniques, they can learn at their own pace. Remember to give them lots of patience and space for the best results! 

Good-natured and playful, Boston Terriers tend to be less excitable than other terrier breeds.

Does Breed Make a Difference? 

Of course, confirming which dog breeds are best for training is tricky because all dogs have individual personalities. However, when talking collectively about a specific breed, there are key traits these breeds share.

When figuring out which dog breed to adopt, remember that every dog is different in their unique way. Use this guide to determine which dog would work best for your family and how quickly you'd prefer the potty training process to go! 

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