12 Steps to Porch Potty Success

You’ve bought the Porch Potty for your furbaby, but aren’t aware of all the tips and tricks they need for the best “going” experience? You’re in luck because the Porch Potty is incredibly easy to use and clean. Plus, we’re going to spill the best life hacks for this amazing dog potty! 

1.Get to know the Fire Hydrant

The little red fire hydrant placed on the Porch Potty isn’t there for looks! Okay, it is cute, but it also serves a greater function. Because dogs need to sniff, sniff, sniff before they go, this scenting hydrant catches their attention when you apply their own urine scent.

The scenting fire hydrant helps encourage your dog to go on the Porch Potty. This is helpful with any dog who may need some extra time getting used to doing their business on the Porch Potty. 

2. The Paper Towel Method

Another tip to follow that encourages dogs to use the Porch Potty is the paper towel method. If you’ve got a puppy, this method is foolproof for their potty training.

Encourage your pup to pee on a regular paper towel or a “puppy pad.” Once the deed has been done, take the paper towel and place it on the Porch Potty. This should teach them to go on the Potty because their own pee scent will get them to go.

If the temperature drops below freezing, check that the paper towel hasn’t frozen solid. Switching out the paper towel every day will keep your dog’s urine scent fresh so they can understand that the Porch Potty is their potty spot.

3. Lots of Praise

When it comes to any dog, expressing lots of praise to them will help them get the idea that they’re doing something correctly. When you’re training your dog, whether they’re a puppy or senior dog, praise and treat rewards will create positive reinforcement.

The next time they make an accidental mess on your apartment floor, simply lead them to the Porch Potty and encourage them to go on the Potty instead. When they get the idea, clearly express how happy you are with them with lots of love, treats, and praise! 

4. Adjust the Drainage Correctly

For the most sanitary area, ensure that you adjust the drainage hose correctly to the Porch Potty. When you fit it on the bottom, check that it’s securely attached so there are no leaks.

Plus, you can cut the hose to any length you need, so feel free to shorten it if needed. Need a longer hose than 14-inches? Simply go to your local hardware store and ask for a hose coupler to fit a longer hose.

Lastly, check that your dog’s pee isn’t being drained down to someone else’s apartment balcony or property. 

5. Clear Odors with Turftastic

Worried about the odor from your dog’s waste? Pick up Turftastic from the Porch Potty store and let it work its magic! It eliminates odors on synthetic and real grass, all without deterring your dog from using the same spot to go.

Because it doesn’t contain any fragrance, it won’t wipe out the scent your dog has grown used to on the Porch Potty. It simply breaks down the proteins in pee and feces that cause the odor.

Plus, it’s non-toxic and biodegradable, making it human and animal friendly as well as kind to the environment and earth.

6. Teaching an Older Dog to Use Porch Potty

It may be easier to train a puppy to use the Porch Potty because it may be the only potty training they’ll ever know. But what about a senior dog who has gone one way their whole life?

Potty training an adult dog may be more of a challenge, but it’s completely possible for an older dog to grow accustomed to using the Porch Potty.

Senior dogs can greatly benefit from an easier potty to reach, especially if they have an unpredictable schedule. It might take more for a senior dog to learn a new place to “go,” so create a simple command like, “Go potty!” every time they’re on the Porch Potty. If you stand by and use a command, they are sure to get the idea after some practice. 

7. Keep things even fresher with real grass

The Porch Potty’s synthetic grass is as clean as it gets, but if you prefer real grass, we’ve got the solution! You can order real grass from the Porch Potty site that is delivered monthly, so you get the freshest grass possible on a regular basis.

The live grass, also called Training Sod, is a specialty lightweight sod that is grown without soil. This makes it weigh less than half the weight of traditional sod with none of the mess! It’s easily replaceable and won’t crumble or fall apart during installation. 

8. Adjust the sprinklers 

Sometimes the sprinklers that come with the Porch Potty are factory-adjusted too tightly. This may cause the water to spray out too much outside of the Potty. But it’s an easy fix! Get a small, flathead screwdriver and gently turn the center nozzle of the sprinklers to the right.

This creates a gap between the top and bottom sections of the nozzle, which affects the water flow. After adjusting with the screwdriver, give the top section a little turn to the right and the water will be at the perfect level to clear out your dog’s urine.

9. Keep the Porch Potty Covered for All Seasons

Even if you don’t live in an area that experiences all four seasons, it’s still a good idea to keep your Porch Potty in the shade.

By keeping it under the roof of your balcony, deck, or stylish canopy, you’re protecting your pup from getting too much sun, as well as shielding them from weather elements like rain and snow. Keeping the Porch Potty protected from the weather also ensures that it doesn’t get flooded with water or damaged by the sun’s rays. 

10. Water the Grass Daily for Optimal Freshness 

Whether you prefer synthetic or real grass, it’s a great idea to keep each of these options as fresh as possible to extend their longevity. Give the grass a nice wash every day by running the sprinklers or pouring water onto the Porch Potty with a garden pail. This will help the grass look and feel its best, as well as provide an extra sanitary area for your dog to go potty on. 

11. Protect the Hose During Winter Months and Freezing Temperatures

During the colder winter months in some areas, the Porch Potty Premium needs to be detached from your garden hose to prevent it from freezing and possibly cracking the sprinkler base.

But what about the drainage hose? No worries, the drainage hose is okay to keep attached to the Porch Potty because the water and waste run down the hose too quickly for it to freeze. Whereas, a garden hose can easily freeze overnight when it’s sitting in a garage or on your porch.  

Keep these tips in mind to get the best out of your Porch Potty, while also giving your dog a safer and cleaner place to go potty!

12. Stop Your Dog From Lounging on the Porch Potty

One of the most common questions we get at Porch Potty is how to prevent dogs from using our grass potty as a lounging spot. Although we understand that dogs love the feel of Porch Potty’s grass surface, sleeping on the potty can discourage them from using it as a potty spot.

How can you prevent your dog from lying on the Porch Potty? One of the best dog potty training tips we learned is to not allow your dog to use it as a lounging area in the first place. Yes, that’s it! Once your dog understands that the Porch Potty is only for potty time, they will properly use it.

During the potty training process, put your dog on a leash and show them the Porch Potty when they need to go potty. Train them as if you’re training them in the backyard by letting them go potty and then walk them away from the spot.

If your dog continues to lounge on the Porch Potty, you can place our Protective Lid over the surface. The Protective Lid for Porch Potty Standard and Premium prevents your dog from lounging on the Porch Potty. Once you walk away with your dog after they’ve gone potty, you can cover the surface so they don’t go back to sleep on it.

Do you have any Porch Potty life hacks to share? Tell us in our official Porch Potty Facebook group!


Hi Kristle! Our first suggestion is to make sure that the accidents are fully cleaned up with an enzymatic cleaner, which breaks down odors and prevents your puppy from using the same spot as a potty area. After that, make sure that the Porch Potty has her scent, which will encourage her to use the Porch Potty instead of the floor. And, as always, offer positive reinforcement through treats, pets, and playtime any time she does potty in the right area. Hope that helps! If you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to us at customercareusa@porchpotty.com Thank you so much!

Porch Potty

Help! Our 6 month Moodle now wees on the floor next to the porch potty after relatively successful toilet training. We thought it was a one off but now it’s becoming a pattern, what gives? 🤔


Hi Shawna! If you’re having issues with the drainage tube, here are a few things to check. Is the tube coiled underneath the potty? This can slow the flow or even stop it completely. You’ll want to make sure the hose is straight.
Is the potty draining without the synthetic grass? It could be the grass was not fully punctured or the drain holes have gotten gunked up. This will create a plug effect over the hose.
If these things don’t help or you have any more questions, please reach out to our customer support at customercareusa@porchpotty.com for more assistance.

Porch Potty

HELP! My porch potty is not draining. I’m not sure what to do. When I run water through the hose with a garden hose, it drains. However, it will not drain an accumulation of liquid (urine or water) from the basin

Shawna Jeider

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