12 Hottest Hollywood Superstar Dogs

12 Hottest Hollywood Superstar Dogs

All dogs are superstars and deserve to walk a Hollywood red carpet. Some lucky pooches are actual superstars. They are beloved not just in their own household, but around the world. It begs the question. Who are the 12 hottest dogs in Hollywood history? The top dogs? The hot dogs of Tinseltown? It is a tough task to come up with just 12. The Porch Potty crew loves a challenge and recently sat down to select Hollywood’s top 12 doggos. Most are four-legged movie and TV stars. One is the face of a major advertising campaign. Another is very dear to our hearts here at Porch Potty. Lights, camera, action! Here’s our list of hottest of all hot dogs.

There’s been a few Lassies over the years and every incarnation was a gorgeous Collie who saved people from burning buildings, chased down bad guys and achieved other heroic feats in movies, TV series and even on radio shows. The original Lassie was in Elizabeth Gaskell’s 1859 short story, The Half-brothers. Lassie became a superstar after English author Eric Knight published his novel Lassie Come-Home in 1940. Three years later Hollywood studio MGM turned the book into a film with the same title. More than 10 other films followed. Lassie even appeared in an episode of The Simpsons and had a PlayStation video game.

11. TOTO:
Toto was born long before Judy Garland, playing Dorothy in the great 1934 film, The Wizard of Oz, told Toto: “We’re not in Kansas anymore”. American author L. Frank Baum created Toto in his Oz series of books starting in 1900.
In the film with Garland, Toto was played by a Cairn Terrier named Terry. Terry had a rag to riches life. Abandoned as a pup in the Great Depression, she was adopted by Hollywood dog trainer Carl Spitz and scored the role opposite Garland. Terry earned $125 a week during the movie shoot. That is $2,300 a week in today’s dollars.

This awesome German shepherd was a World War I hero in Europe. He was rescued by an American soldier, brought to the US and become a movie star. Rin Tin Tin impressed Hollywood studio moguls and directors with his ability to jump 12 feet off the ground. He starred in 27 movies. He died in 1932 but new generations of German Shepherds played him in movies and TV series.

Scooby-Doo, where are you?! He’s everywhere. Scooby, a talking Great Dane, is also a film and TV star who has entertained kids and families for decades. He first appeared in 1969 as part of Hanna-Barbera Productions’ animated TV series. Scooby and his human buddies, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma, are a hip crew who solve spooky mysteries. Scooby and best buddy Shaggy are wimps with huge appetites. Their pursuit of snacks always gets them in trouble.

How could we separate Goofy and Pluto? The duo is among Disney’s most iconic characters. Despite being Disney pooches, they are quite different. Pluto first appeared in 1930 and is a mixed-breed, yellow- orange, medium-sized short-haired doggo. He doesn’t wear clothes. That is interesting. Dogs generally don’t wear clothes in the real world, but in Walt Disney’s world Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy have clothes. Pluto is in the nude. He also walks and acts like a dog, unlike the walking upright, talking Mickey, Minnie, Goofy & Co. Goofy, born in 1930, not only has clothes, but is a fashion guru. He usually appears in a turtleneck sweater, vest, shoes, pants, white gloves and a tall hat that appears to be a rumpled fedora.

Our beloved Snoopy is an animated Beagle starring in Charles M. Schultz’s Peanuts comic strip, TV series and movies with Charlie Brown, Woodstock Peppermint Patty & Co. He was created in 1950. Snoopy is loved around the world for his sweet nature and vivid imagination that leads to him acting out as a World War I fighter pilot ace and other humorous characters.

Krypto first appeared in a Superboy comic in 1955. Generally depicted as a white Labrador Retriever, Krypto was Kal-El’s (aka Superman) childhood pup on Krypton. He was put in a test rocket but was knocked off course and ended up on Earth like Superman. What a coincidence!

No doubt the greatest showbiz dog of all. Only joking. It’s lunchtime while I write this and I’m hungry so Gidget, the Taco Bell chihuahua, makes the list. Apologies to Cujo and Clifford the Big Red Dog who dropped out of our top 12 list! Gidget first appeared in a Taco Bell ad in 1997. She became a super star, a merchandising powerhouse and had catchphrases including "Yo quiero Taco Bell!" (I want Taco Bell!)” and “Drop the chalupa!”

This loveable “dingy yellow” stray is a Labrador Retriever mix. He made his debut in Fred Gipson’s 1956 children’s novel of the same name. The character became a global superstar in Disney’s 1957 film. In 2019 the movie was selected for preservation by the US National Film Registry by the Library in Congress.

Who doesn’t love Benji, the small, mixed breed doggo who also became a big screen superstar? Benji’s first movie was in 1974 and it sparked a franchise including film sequels, TV series, documentaries and video games.

Beethoven undoubtedly has the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. Yep. More tantalizing than Angelina Jolie’s eyes. They shine brighter than Leonard DiCaprio’s. Beethoven also slobbers. Do Ange and Leo drip saliva and still look cute? Nope. Beethoven of course is the beautiful St Bernard created by filmmakers John Hughes and Amy Holden Jones and has starred in eight films. The first film begins with the Newton family adopting a cute pup. A bad dude vet tries to capture Beethoven and conduct experiments on him. Beethoven, as expected, grows up and the giant-sized pooch creates plenty of havoc.

1. SPOT:
The greatest celebrity dog of all is ... drumroll please ... Spot. Yes, Spot.
Spot is the cute face of Porch Potty. Spot is a superstar. His breed is unknown. His background is top secret. He has so many fans and is such a target of the paparazzi we can’t offer up too many details. There are rumors he is a former CIA spy, Paris fashion runway model, astronaut and clocked the fastest 100-yard sprint time by any living creature. Yes, faster than a cheetah and Peregrine Falcon. Good boy, Spot! Good Boy.

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