12 Dog Channels Every Paw-rent Should Follow

12 Dog Channels Every Paw-rent Should Follow

When it comes to entertainment for dog lovers, there’s no shortage of paw-some content online! From dog trainers sharing their knowledge to dogs rocking YouTube with daily vlogs, check out these must-see dog channels. 

1. The Husky Squad

Are you a fan of camping and hiking with your pup? If you’re trapped at home needing a quick escape, check out The Husky Squad and their cinematic adventures! Meet Yuna, Kimahri, Nikolai, and the late Tidus as they experience their first winter snowfall in the European Alps to hiking in beautiful Utah. Wherever the squad goes, an exciting adventure is sure to follow! Currently, the huskies have over 44K YouTube subscribers. 

2. Life with Malamutes

If you’re looking for a channel that’s larger than life, check out Life with Malamutes. Join Phil, Niko, and Milo, three Alaskan Malamutes that are giant teddy bears in disguise! Watch as they guard their tiny human friend and share a home with their feline pal. Sitting at 711K YouTube subscribers, Life with Malamutes has a giant fanbase excited to watch their exciting antics! 

3. K’eyush The Stunt Dog

Meet K’eyush, a Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute crossbreed, who performs tricks with a huge sense of humor! His specialties are high-speed somersaults and goofy antics. K’eyush isn’t afraid to don a funny costume from time to time, as well! Check out his day-in-the-life, along with his human mom, from going to the vet to celebrating his birthday. Standing at over two million YouTube subscribers, K’eyush is sure to please! 

4. Tucker Budzyn

One of the most famous Golden Retrievers, Tucker Budzyn entertains a YouTube audience of over four million subscribers! Tucker loves conducting taste tests of his favorite foods, playing quarantine games, and going on exciting outdoor adventures. His “Golden” smile is contagious, especially when his wife and son are on camera with him. That’s right, Tucker is the most adorable family man! So join the fun and binge-watch everything Tucker and his doggie family have to offer! 

5. Freestyle Paws

It’s always good to give a smaller channel more views, especially when they’ve got a whole team of adorable pups! Check out Freestyle Paws, a growing channel with over 31K subscribers. Primarily made up of Border Collies, this pack shows you cool dog tricks and gives you a glimpse into their daily lives! If you’re interested in raising Border Collies, especially from their puppy days, you’re bound to pick up unique advice for this breed. Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch for a herd of these puppies?!

6. Herky the Cavalier

Join Herky, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, along with her little sister, Milton, in their everyday lives! From grocery hauls, dog training tips, weekend getaways, and traveling to the beautiful natural sights in Canada, Herky and Milton are two sweet girls ready to take on any adventure. They’re also successful business pups with their own leash and harness collections! Get a look at the world from their tiny perspective, along with their 48K YouTube subscribers. 

7. Great Gatsby the Corgi

Corgis are a ball of fun but add in costumes, obstacle courses, music covers, and games to get Gatsby the Corgi! Along with his human dad, Ryan, these two are sure to please for your daily dose of doggie entertainment. Check out Gatsby’s dad’s channel, VlogAfterCollege, for more Gatsby goodness! Combined, these two channels rack up millions of subscribers. 

8. RelaxMyDog

Looking for educational dog content, along with entertaining videos with relaxing music that will calm your dog after a busy day. Or, if you’re gone for work, these videos will keep your dog company during the day as well as help curb separation anxiety. With its virtual adventures taking dogs through beautiful natural sights in the world, along with an educational video to learn more about dogs, you and your dog are sure to enjoy this channel together or temporarily apart. 

9. Training Positive

Need some training guidance for your new puppy, or older dog in need of some new tricks? Check out the informational, but entertaining training tips from Training Positive. With their channel racking up 324K YouTube subscribers, these dogs and their human companion will make you into a pro in no time! 

10. Doug the Pug

Love dog videos, but can’t commit to anything over ten minutes? Or maybe you want to send quick clips to your coworkers of adorable pug antics. Doug the Pug is the perfect channel for you, delivering bite-sized clips of his daily adventures. He also loves costumes, from dressing up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Join Doug on his outdoor adventures, as he shows you 30-50 second clips of his favorite spots in his hometown of Nashville, Tennesse! Currently, Doug’s channel has over 533K YouTube subscribers. 

11. Odin the German Shepherd

If you’re looking for a variety of pups to watch in one channel, you’ve got to check out Odin the German Shepard’s channel with over 183K YouTube subscribers. Odin may be the star of the show, but he’s joined by his friends Bella the Chorkie, Hannah the Yellow Lab, Remington the Yellow Lab, Midnight and Maggie, the Black Labs! These dogs are always rolling around the yard and getting into a little trouble during playtime. Their travels include beach trips, farm adventures in the country, and even major cities like Boston, Massachusetts! 

12. Oshie’s World

Life is always “Golden” in Oshie’s World! Check out the adventures of this Golden Retriever who is sure to put a big smile on you and your pup’s face. From his travels in Yosemite National Park and around the country with his military family to welcoming his Marine dad home, Oshie has plenty of heartwarming content to keep you going, “Awww!” With a following of 137K YouTube subscribers, Oshie’s growing channel is certainly a hidden gem. 

Have fun browsing these amazing doggie YouTube channels with your best pup companion. Do you have a favorite four-legged online superstar? Let us know if there are other big-time pups we should know about in the comments below! 

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