Kudos 2


I just received the Porch Potty for my rather large Maltese, named Bentley. I love it and so does he. After I set it up, my cat thought it was a new place for her to lounge in the sun! Thankfully, Bentley hadn’t used it yet! Prior to receiving the Porch Potty, I was using a grass type of carpet on my balcony. I had to rinse it down and then go down the driveway and rinse that down - not to mention the smell. I threw that out immediately and replaced it with the much more practical Porch Potty. I will recommend it to everyone I know, who has the need for one. Thanks again. I am extremely pleased.
-Pamela & Dog: Bentley
We live in a second floor condo, and have dealt with the inconvenience of early morning and late evening trips down the stairs (rain or shine, hot or cold) to take the dogs to their “potty place”. Then back up the stairs, dry the dogs and clean their paws if wet from rain or dew. We have two new doxies, Roxy and Rusty. While looking on the internet for “neat stuff” for our new pooches I found your web site for the Porch Potty. We decided, with some skepticism, to give it a try. Well, it turns out the Porch Potty is the best item I have ever purchased for our dogs. Potty training was much, much easier. We no longer have to make uncomfortable trips up and down the stairs to the “potty place”, and no more wet and muddy dogs to clean up. Thank you for inventing a product that makes life more pleasant - for our pups and for us as well.
-Steve and Shirley & Dogs: Roxy and Rusty, Simi Valley, Ca.
Received the Porch Potty and it is a great success. Thank you, I wished I knew about your product sooner before I had to replace my carpet.
-Debbie Brown
We live in an apartment and LOVE the Porch Potty! I taught little Francis how to use it and he was hooked within a day! The Porch Potty is worth it’s weight in GOLD, and I’m going to send you a video tomorrow to prove it! Porch Potties are the glue that held this troubled (doggie’s) world together! Attached are photos of my beautiful and luxurious Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Francis, using his Porch Potty and loving it. The other is a photo of Francis alone, and in all his glory.
-Sarah Johnson & Dog: Francis, Fresno, CA
Assembled my porch potty yesterday and my 6 month puppy has already peed on it 5 times! Wow. Thanks so much for a product that is foolproof, lightweight, easy setup, ingenious, and aesthetically pleasing. Everyone should own one. The fire hydrant is really cute (even though it smells like pee, haha).
-Jennie Lee

OMG!!! I just got my Porch Potty delivered last night and my Papi-poo, Dakota LOVES it!!! She jumped right on it and peed right away:) This morning... same thing with #1 and #2... I love this thing :)
- Sisanie Reategui & Dog: Dakota, Los Angeles, CA

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