Why is Porch Potty skipping Black Friday?

To many of us, our dogs aren’t just pets. They have been our shoulders to cry on, our much needed comic relief, our reason to get out and walk in the sunshine, our ever faithful companions.

And yet, we never seem to do enough to honor this incredible bond between human and canine that has held true for more than 36,000 years.

This year, we’re doing something about that.

All of Porch Potty will be taking Black Friday off to thank our dogs for all they’ve been to us, especially during the past two years. We’re dedicating the day to slowing life down and spending time doing the things that give our dogs joy.

While everyone else is standing in long lines, fighting to get the best “deals”, we’ll be throwing frisbees or balls, hiking trails, snuggling or enjoying some fresh water and a snack at the park.

One day isn’t enough to give back to our dogs, but it’s a start.

We invite you to join us. Forget the crazy hustle and bustle of malls, give your eyes a break from the computer or phone screen and spend the day with your best friends.

Earn 300 pet points by sharing your day with us and tagging @porchpotty on social channels with #optoutside or #thankyourdogs

Get Outside!

You know that hike you’ve been meaning to check out? What better day to do enjoy it in peace with your best friend!

Snuggle time!

There are actual health benefits of just doing nothing. So do something for you and your dog. Post up on the couch for some snuggles and do nothing!

Pamper your pooch!

Give him an extra luxurious bath (make sure your soap or shampoo is pet safe), clip her nails and give them a massage (Yes! Dogs love them too!).

Make him a star!

You simply can’t have too many dog pics on your phone. Dress him up, have her do her best tricks and snap your camera until your heart’s content!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Whether you go out for a lengthy game of fetch, explore, whatever, don’t forget to tag us and share your day!

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