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  • 12 Dogs that Inspire Us to be Better Humans

    Just went we thought dogs couldn't get more awesome, we often hear yet another story of dogs that teach us what it means to unconditionally love. Through emergencies, depression and mental illness, and when we need encouragement, human's best friend is right there, never failing. Time to grab those tissues and read these 12 incredible dog stories that will warm even the grumpiest of bah-humbug hearts.
  • 12 Top Dog Names of 2021

    Are you looking for ideas for a new family addition or just looking to see if your dogs' names made the list? What's the latest trend in dog names? We've gathered the top 12 names of 2021, as well as their meanings.
  • 12 Rarest Dog Breeds

    Dog trivia aficionados! Can you guess what the top 12 rarest dog breeds are? We've listed them out here. Wow your guests at your holiday parties with your dog knowledge, and don't worry, we'll let you take all the credit!
  • 12 Dog Channels Every Paw-rent Should Follow

    Looking for some paw-sitive energy? We've collected our top 12 favorite dog YouTube channels for you to enjoy, ranging from dog trainers, to stunt dogs or relaxing music and images to keep your dog company while you're out and about.
  • 12 Dog Movies You Have to See

    Ready for an evening of relaxation and fun? Pop some popcorn and queue up to binge watch our twelve favorite dog movies! We think it's an evening well spent.
  • Furbaby Mom’s Love for Special Needs Pups

    Meet Donna, the spunky and funny FurMom to a rascally lot of Bulldogs, two of which are special needs. When she mentioned she'd bought from Porch Potty to help manage their special needs, we just knew we had to know more and boy, are we glad we asked!
  • Twenty years later, I still remember Samson.

    Dogs don't just come into our lives, they become a part of our soul. Join me as I reflect on one dog and his human that remains a part of my story long after he's passed.