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  • Vet Jenny weighs in on Kibble Katcher

    The Kibble Katcher looks pretty cool, but what do veterinarians have to say about it? Vet Jenny shares how Kibble Katcher tamed her "messy monster" which actually happened to be her cat!
  • Experience the Future of Dog Bowls With the Kibble Katcher

    Porch Potty, simplified the lives of dog owners around the world by offering a quicker, easier and safer potty-break option for their dogs. With 20 years experience designing real products that solve problems, BlueKube takes on its next challenge: the flawed dog bowl.

  • 12 Things to Ask Your Kennel When Boarding Your Pup

    All of us dread leaving our fur babies behind, but sometimes it's necessary. It's hard to know who will give your dog the kind of care and attention he or she deserves. With these 12 questions that you should ask every potential boarding kennel or doggy daycare, you can put your mind to rest.
  • 12 Games to Play with Your Dog

    All work and no play is no fun for anyone, that includes our dogs. Yet sometimes we can get caught in a rut of the same old routine, day after day. Check out this list of 12 Games to Play with Your Dog and revisit some old favorites or discover something new!
  • 12 Common Dog Food Ingredients You Need to Pay Attention To

    Reading dog food labels and knowing what's best and isn't best for our dogs can get confusing and looks can be deceiving. Here are 12 common dog food ingredients that may not be optimal for your dog and why.
  • 12 Brain Boosting Activities You Can Do with Your Dog

    Looking for new ideas to keep your dog functioning at top performance? These brain boosting activities will not only banish destructive tendencies of a bored dog, they'll bring you and your dog closer as you work through these fun activities together!
  • 12 Dog Treat Recipes You Can Make at Home

    The time of everything delicious and yummies is here. While delectable treats adorn our tables, we would be remiss to ignore the members of our families that deserve some holiday treats as well. Here are some recipes that will have your dog's mouth watering.
  • How To Support Your Aging Dog

    One of the hardest things to face as a paw-rent is watching our fur kids age. They get up from their beds slower, sleep more and are more likely to happily watch us from the sidelines rather than join in the fray like they once did. Jenny Sawyer, our resident 3rd year vet student in the Porch Potty community shares advice on how to support our aging dogs with love and dignity.
  • Porch Potty chats with House With a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary

    This year, Porch Potty was honored to spend some time talking with one of our favorite animal non-profits, House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. Hear their origin story, what motivates them and how you can help. Don't forget to bring your tissues, you'll need them.
  • Porch Potty From A Veterinary Perspective

    Jenny Sawyer knew Porch Potty was the perfect solution for her fur baby, Minnie. As a veterinary student, her bar was set pretty high in what she wanted in a dog potty. Find out what she has to say about Porch Potty and who she recommends it for.
  • When it’s time to hire a dog trainer

    While many think that hiring a professional dog trainer is for "problem dogs", I disagree. There are many great reasons to see a dog trainer that range from consistent obedience training, to relationship development and even health considerations.
  • Meet the Official Porch Potty Test Team

    We have hired our harshest critics to be a part of the official Porch Potty Test Team: our own pets. Come meet the source of our inspirations!