Porch Potty Snags the Dogster Editors’ Choice Award!


Guess who has a spot in the 2022 Dogster Editors’ Choice Awards? That’s right, the one and only Porch Potty! Our innovative dog potty won over the judges for its unique, attractive design that’s easy to clean and maintain. But that’s not all! Let’s dig into who Dogster is, why we’re honored to receive the award and everything else they had to say about Porch Potty! 

Dogster is a bimonthly magazine for dog lovers that features all things dogs. Formerly known as Dog Fancy, Dogster was first published in 1970 and celebrated 50 years in 2020. So, they’ve been around the block for quite some time and have been well-known for their articles, product recommendations, and other stories centered around our canine best friends! 

Okay, what’s the big deal with the Dogster Editor’s Choice Awards?

Dogster depends on their trio of judges, each with more than 25 years of experience in the dog lover’s world, to put dog products to the ultimate test. They check out dog essentials, toys, clothing and gear, grooming and health products, and the latest canine technology to see which products are the top dog! 

Plus, Dogster has a dedicated fan base of pawrents who look to the magazine and website for expert opinions, entertainment, lifestyle, dog training advice, health and dog care, and even a section just for all things puppies. 

We at Porch Potty are grateful and honored for the spot in this year’s Dogster Editor’s Choice Awards, so let’s check out what they had to say about the Porch Potty. 

“Big wags from our judges for this unique, attractive, lightweight, and easy for dogs to use (and easy for humans to clean) potty that works great on porches for apartment and condo-living dog lovers who can’t run down flights of steps or take the elevator every time Fido has to go potty…” 

Thank you, Dogster, for all the love and support for our one-of-a-kind dog potty! They also applauded our synthetic grass (we can have live grass delivered, as well!), self-draining system, and easy clean-up. 

Receiving this award by the experts in all things dogs reflects our dedication to creating top-notch dog products that give humans a helping hand. We aim to make life easier for our lovely pawrents living in smaller spaces without access to a yard. 

The Porch Potty is also great for dogs with mobility issues who find it much easier to step up on the potty rather than stepping down the stairs to the outside. For pet owners with mobility challenges, the Porch Potty gives them the independence to care for their dog without worrying about taking their pup outside several times a day. 

With Porch Potty, your dog can go whenever natural calls. So that also means no more indoor potty accidents or getting up during all hours of the night (or early morning) to bring them outside for potty time. 

In addition, the Porch Potty is built to last with its weatherproof wicker platform. So you’ll be saving big when you’ve still got it on your balcony for years to come! Because you’ll only need to replace the grass surface when it gets worn out, which depends on each individual dog, you won’t constantly be adding more trash to the landfill system. Compare that to our cardboard competitors, whose boxes are too dirty and damaged to recycle correctly! 

Because of this award, we know that Dogster put the Porch Potty to the ultimate test, so we’re thrilled to have their Editor’s Choice Award for this year under our belt. So, if you’re still unsure about what the Porch Potty can do for you and your dog, check out their official 2022 Dogster Editors’ Choice Awards page on their site to get the complete picture of their dog expertise! 

Thank you again to Dogster for their stamp of approval and the amazing honor of being included in the Editors’ Choice Awards this year! 

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