7 Endearing Ways Dogs Show Love Towards You

7 Endearing Ways Dogs Show Love Towards You

Dogs have been our companions for thousands of years, which is plenty of time to develop unique ways of showing their affection for us. No other animal on earth has a stronger bond with humans than dogs. So how can we recognize all of our dogs' ways to show their love for us? 

Check out these 7 endearing ways our dogs show us all the love

Tail Wagging

Dogs hold a lot of emotion in their tail, so when they're wagging away, it's a sure sign that they are thrilled to see you! Especially if they're wagging their tail so hard that they come down with a case of the wiggle butt. The looser a dog's tail is, the more relaxed they are in that moment. So when you walk back in the door from work or an outing and your dog's tail is swishing back and forth vigorously, it means they really love you! 

Following You Around

When your dog follows you around everywhere, it means they have a great appreciation for you. So the next time you're getting slightly annoyed by tripping over your dog, remember that they're only sneaking up behind you because of how much they love you! Your dog doesn't understand the concept of being separated from you, so when you're out of sight, they aren't sure what to do without you around. 

Giving You Sloppy Kisses

Although most of us don't mind a slobbery kiss from our dogs, why do they enjoy licking our face? It's a natural instinct from when dogs were puppies licking their mother's faces as a way to tell them that they're hungry. Even when puppies grow into adult dogs, the licking instinct remains. Dogs can also lick your face as an instinctual grooming technique because it's how they can show love for each other. So when they lick your face all over, what they're really saying is, "I love you so much!" 

Jumping On You

It might be annoying at times when you're walking through the door, and you're greeted with your dog jumping all over you, but it's a sign of endearment. Jumping is another instinctual behavior that dogs have from when they were puppies. Because pups lick their mother's face to show that they recognize her as their mother, your adult dog jumps on you to identify you as their caretaker. So when your dog can't stop jumping on you, remember that they're acknowledging you as their paw-rent that they love so much! 

Playing Rough With You

When your dog plays rough with you, it's their way of showing affection. It's also a healthy part of their social development. Although you shouldn't encourage behaviors like nipping, biting, aggressive barking, or swiping their paws at you, having a good balance between roughhousing and being gentle is possible. Think about when dogs roughhouse with each other: they show their teeth and pounce, but they don't actually hurt one another. So keep that in mind when your dog wants to play rough with you and respond to acknowledge the love! 

Showing Loyalty Towards You

There's no wonder why dogs are "man's best friend." They're known for their loyalty, which traces back to their wolf days. Because wolves mate for life and live in a pack, dogs still have these genes engrained in them. Showing loyalty to you is their way of showing affection for you as part of their family. So when you call your dog your "furbaby," there's truth to that name! 

Snuggling With You

Another throwback to the wolf days snuggling up is how dogs show their love for us. Wolves sleep with their pack, and so dogs sleep together as well. So when they want to cuddle up with you, whether for a quick nap or every night for bed, it's their way to express the deep bond they feel for you. 

Now you know all the sweet ways dogs show us how much they love and appreciate us as their paw-rents. So make sure you get plenty of playtime with them and get ready to grab your coziest blanket to cuddle up with them on the couch later! 

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