5 Special Ways to Spoil Your Dog

We want to spoil our dogs as much as possible, but sometimes our budget doesn’t allow daily gratuitous furbaby spending. So, why not save up for August 10 instead and spoil your dog as much as you can in one day? To celebrate this doggy holiday, we’ll give you ideas for new things to buy and free things to give to spoil your dog on National Spoil Your Dog Day! 

Buy That Dog Toy You’ve Been Eyeing

Is there a dog toy that you’ve been thinking about buying for your dog but kept putting off? Take the day to finally order it online or go out to buy something special for your dog. You could make it a surprise by taking your dog to your local pet store and letting them pick out a toy (or two, or three, or more…). 

Remember the “buying everything my dog touches” trend? Film your own fun video of spoiling your furbaby to share with fellow pawrents! 


While you’re at it, get your dog a box of treats they haven’t tried before, or let them choose a new treat. Don’t forget to accessorize if your dog likes to dress up and look their best! 

Check out the collars, leashes, harnesses, and dog outfits so your dog can freshen up their look. If your dog isn’t the outfit type, see if they like a bandana tied around their neck or a cute bow clipped onto their fur. 

Make Homemade Treats With Your Dog

Why not make new and exciting dog treats at home?! You might already have everything you need in your pantry to make easy dog treats, so it can be a fun activity to do at home with your dog. Plus, you could probably make more treats for your dollar! 


If your dog needs a healthier alternative for a treat, plenty of homemade treats are dental-health friendly. Also, making treats with your dog by your side is a fun activity, even though the only help they’ll be doing is cleaning the mixing bowl! 

Find a New Adventure

Are you stuck in a walking rut with your pup, going on the same path every time? Mix it up by looking up a new walking trail in your area or checking out a different dog park. Or, invite your fellow pawrents to your usual dog park for a playdate! 

If the great outdoors isn’t calling you, look online to see if there’s a dog-friendly cafe in your area. These cafes usually have special food items for dogs, so you can treat your dog to a new experience and a delicious treat! 

No dog-friendly cafes? There could be dog-specific bakeries serving delicious dog treats around you, so check out if that’s an option. 


You could even make a fun game out of finding a new adventure by drawing names of different places out of a hat. Or, try placing labels with names of sites on the floor and see which one your dog chooses. Then you both have the chosen adventure of the day! 

Attend a Dog Yoga Class  

Looking for a more relaxing activity to treat your pup? Search for puppy or dog yoga in your area (or find a class online) to get your zen on! Believe it or not, dog yoga classes have been around for two decades, so you have a good chance of finding a class somewhere. 


So, what does dog yoga entail? (Please roll with it). Anyway, don’t worry if you’re a beginner or have never laid on a yoga mat in your life. Dog yoga is more about breathing exercises to get you and your dog in sync with each other. If attending a class isn’t ideal for you, get cozy on the floor in an upright sitting position. Have your dog sit next to you or on your lap and take deep breaths to clear your mind and relax. 

Spoiling your dog doesn’t always have to mean giving them gifts or doing activities: sometimes, your dog might need to sit quietly and breathe. If you live in a stressful environment or if your dog gets overwhelmed with anxiety, practicing mindful breathing can help. Starting with the basics of dog yoga could also be great for senior dogs or dogs with mobility challenges who can’t go on long hikes. 

Take at least 30 minutes out of your day to put your phone away and clear other distractions so you can sit quietly with your dog. Practice living in the moment and spoil them with something we all take for granted 𑁋 peace and quiet. 


Give Your Dog a DIY Spa Day

Whether it’s a day at the spa or a DIY home spa, we all love to treat ourselves luxuriously. So why not do the same for your dog? Of course, you could give your dog a spa day at the dog groomer’s, but if not, you can easily give them the spa treatment at home! 


We all have our special spa day skincare routine, but how does that work for dogs? There are spa products made specifically for dogs, but their regular shampoo and conditioner can work as well. For dogs, a spa day is more about relaxation and extra attention rather than the products themselves. 


You can get started by giving your dog a gentle massage on their head and shoulders. Find a playlist of dog music to set a relaxing mood and set up a quiet environment without distractions. 

Simply massage the top of their head by moving your hand in a circular motion. Then, proceed to their neck and shoulders with the same movement or make those circular motions with your fingertips. Your dog carries a lot of weight on their shoulders, so take your time and let your dog relax as you pamper them. 


From there, you can give your dog a bath and massage their shampoo and conditioner into their fur. Then, freshen up their look by giving their fur a quick trim or trimming their nails. After their bath, gently brush their fur to keep their coat clean and healthy. 


Give them fresh, clean blankets in their dog bed (or wherever they sleep, like half of your bed!). Who doesn’t love diving into a clean bed after a spa treatment? Get them tucked in, keep the relaxing music playing, and give them a treat as they get cozy for the night. 

As stated before, spoiling your dog doesn’t mean that you have to spend your paycheck on new toys and treats. You can do that if you’d like, but try to also spoil your dog with experiences rather than only material things. National Spoil Your Dog Day can teach you how to better live in the moment with your dog and grow your bond with them. 


So, what do you plan to do for National Spoil Your Dog Day? Are you thinking of buying new treats, going on a memorable hike at a new spot, or practicing mindfulness? 

Let us know in our official Porch Potty Facebook group! We would love to hear from you and see photos or videos of your spoiled furbaby!

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