12 Ways to Spend Your Porch Potty Gift Card

12 Ways to spend your Porch Potty Gift Card

by Melody Keilig

So you’ve been gifted a Porch Potty gift card, but have no idea what to spend it on? Whether you’re a new customer getting started with our products or a regular Porch Potty shopper, you can find plenty of options to spend your shiny new gift card on. Keep reading for our complete guide on what to get your pup with our gift cards ranging from $25-$250!

1. Pooper Trooper Calendar - $25

Pick up the first edition 2022 Pooper Trooper Calendar with your $25 gift card. Not only is this a one-of-a-kind calendar, but your dog can also find inspiration in what comes naturally to them! With beautiful photos of dogs doing their business being their adorable selves, you’ll start every morning with “Awww!”

2. Scenting Fire Hydrant - $25

Need a replacement scenting fire hydrant for your Porch Potty? Our handy little hydrant allows you to lightly scent it so that only your dog can pick up that encourages them to go on the spot. Simply wet a paper towel with your dog’s urine and wipe it on the hydrant. Let your dog sniff the hydrant for as long as they need to get themselves comfortable on the Porch Potty.  So for a $25 gift card, you can get a brand new fire hydrant the dogs use to scent before “going.”

3. Pooper Trooper Calendar, Catch Basin, and Tube Replacement - $50

Your budget expands with the $50 gift card, so you can pick up several more goodies from our online store! Pick up the Pooper Trooper Calendar for an adorable pup picture every month, the Catch Basin for an alternative to the drainage hose, and a Tube Replacement for those times you’ll opt for a drainage hose. Having both the Catch Basin and Drainage Hose comes in handy in finding the easiest ways in cleaning up after your dog.

4. Fresh Training Sod - buy this w/ $50

Another option for the $50 gift card is the Fresh Training Sod, which gives your dog the smell and feel of real grass. This is especially great for dogs that are used to real grass over synthetic. Plus, it drains quickly when watered and lasts for months. Replacing is easy because the sod itself has been grown on a sheet of plastic, so there’s no dirt crumbling all over your apartment or home!

5. Dog Ramp - $50 

Do you have a dog with limited mobility or a smaller dog that has trouble getting onto the Porch Potty? With your $50 gift card, get the best ramp for a safe, steady, and comfortable step up to help your pup! With its non-slip cover, any dog can easily walk up and down to get in and out of the Potty by themselves at any time they need. It’s a fantastic tool to give your dog with limited mobility more independence.

6. Dog Bed Canopy - $50

Does your dog enjoy lounging outside on a sunny day? But if they’re not being protected from the sun’s rays, they could experience sunburn and other dangerous conditions from too much sun exposure. So, for your $50 gift card, get your dog our Dog Bed Canopy that will give them comfort and protection for those lounging days in the sun!

7. Dog Bed - $100

To complete the set with the Dog Canopy, check out the Dog Bed with your $100 gift card. Our beautiful dog bed is made of a woven resin material that has a classic look that will entice any pup! Its gorgeous red cushion provides optimal softness and comfort for dogs of any age.

8. Live Grass and Turftastic - $100

If your best friend purchased the $100 gift card for you, opt for the luxurious Live Grass for your dog to test out. You can also get the fantastic Turftastic odor eliminator to keep the Porch Potty smelling fresh and clean every day! Plus, the Live Grass fits all of our Porch Potty models so your dog can enjoy this fresh grass anywhere.

9. Protective Lid - $100

Already have the live grass, but want a way to protect it and extend its longevity? Check out the Porch Potty Protective Lid with your $100 gift card. This specialty-made lid for the Potty keeps the live (or synthetic) grass safe from dirt, debris, dust, rain, and other weather elements. In fact, it’s the top item that our customers requested! So keep your Porch Potty clean and clear as ever with our Protective Lid.

10. Grass to Go - $150

Do you need a portable, totally travel-friendly version of the Porch Potty? You’re in luck with the Grass to Go by Porch Potty! For your $150 gift card, check out this model that you can take practically anywhere: the RV, camper, or even your car. If you travel often or go camping, you can bring the freshness, cleanliness, and comfort of your dog’s Porch Potty anywhere you go!

11. Bundle and Save: Turftastic, Synthetic Grass, Catch Basin - buy w/ $200

With our $200 gift card, you can bundle and save to get more for your dollar! You can buy a Synthetic Grass replacement, Turftastic, and the Catch Basin. Each of these works hand-in-hand for multiple cleaning options. Because the Synthetic Grass needs replacement when urine spots begin to appear, this is a welcome expense to cover with a gift card.

12. Porch Potty - small - buy this w/ $250

If you’re a new customer looking for a splurge item with your $250 gift card, why not get the Porch Potty Small to get started? This version is our most compact model, designed to fit tight spaces with easy portability, which makes it perfect for small apartment balconies! Plus, it’s self-draining like the Porch Potty Premium but with smaller spaces and travel in mind. 

Do you know what you’re going to spend your Porch Potty gift card on now? With numerous amazing options for each price range and budget, you’re sure to find the perfect Porch Potty gift for your peace of mind and your dog’s comfort! 

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